Who’s Who on ‘The Bachelorette’? Meet Steve, the Easygoing Podiatrist

Love is in the air, but will Brooke end up playing footsie with podiatrist Steve?

29-year-old Steve is looking for love, and in his 10 Play profile, says that he’s “looking for someone to really light up [his] world”, and has yet to find that special someone.

Offering up “fun times, lots of laughs, a very supportive and caring environment and spontaneity”, Steve says that he’s sometimes “too carefree and easy going” for his own good, which might make Brooke think twice about choosing him.

The podiatrist — who owns his own business — is all about that work hard, play hard lifestyle. When he’s not helping people get back on their feet (get it?), he’s on the run (get it?), staying active with activities like rugby, swimming, running and riding motorbikes.

He also prides himself on being a good person and getting back what you give in life, which is why “putting positivity into the Ethos” is important to him.

When it comes to an ideal date, Steve wants to work up an appetite with something fun and active, and then follow it up with a nice picnic dinner at the beach.

Whether Steve will win Brooke’s heart with his easy-going charm and positive attitude remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure: foot massages are OFF the table.

While being interviewed on Pete, Matt and Kymba’s morning radio show, Brooke revealed that Steve wouldn’t be winning any points with a good foot rub.

“I can see the name Ryan [sic] and ‘podiatrist’, and I’m thinking ‘that’s who you want to end up with – someone who will look after your feet’,” one of the hosts joked, accidentally getting poor Steve’s name wrong in the process.

“If I liked my feet being touched!” Brooke replied, laughing. “I’m actually the opposite.”

“Ryan, you’re out son, sorry,” the host joked.

Speaking to POPSUGAR Australia, Brooke dished on the qualities she was actually looking for in her quest for true love.

“I think every participant is so unique and has such a different quality about them that I liked,” she mused. “For me, obviously, it’s about a bigger package and I’m looking for my person. But everyone had the most amazing qualities and qualities that I definitely look for in a person.”

Brooke went on to say that she’s looking for “someone who is truly genuine and authentic to themselves”.

“I think that’s a really attractive trait to have… someone who doesn’t try to be someone they’re not,” she said.

The Bachelorette Australia airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm, on 10 and 10 Play.

This post originally appeared on POPSUGAR Australia. 

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