There Are This Many Days ‘Til Your Friends Discover Your Real Taste in Music

Spotify Wrapped

A PSA: You only have a few more days to replay whatever song you want everyone to think is your favourite, because Spotify Wrapped is set to be released any day now. The music app teased users that they’ll soon be able to see their listening habits from the past year, writing simply: “Wrapped is coming.”

If you’re not familiar with the Spotify feature, it shows users the music and podcasts that defined their year. It’s been said that the app has stopped tracking users streams around Halloween this year, to compile the data, giving you a two-month grace period to binge-listen to whatever you suspect others might deem cringe.

The app, however, seems to contest this theory. “Keep listening to what you love, and we’ll shout when it’s ready,” it recently wrote on its Wrapped page.

Spotify Wrapped

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In past years, Wrapped has been released in early December. In 2021, it was released in the first week of the month. In 2020, it was released on December 2 and in 2019, on December 5.

You should be able to navigate to your Spotify Wrapped via your home page, where you’ll most likely see a dedicated banner. You should also see a playlist section dedicated to Spotify Wrapped on your home page, which includes your full list of most-played songs from the year, as well as other related end-of-year playlists.

As for how the listening data is logged, one Reddit user downloaded their data over the years and compared it to their Wrapped to discover some insights. “You have to listen to a song for more than 30 seconds for it to count in your rankings,” she wrote. “Your top songs are calculated by play count rather than total time listened. Your total time listening includes podcasts.”

Last year, Spotify added a few new features to Wrapped, including in-app quizzes that allow listeners to test their skills at predicting top podcasts, artists and even the top decade they streamed most. It also let you follow your top song’s journey and added new personalised playlists to help you make the most of what you listened to this year.

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