Spotify Blend Lets You Combine Your Music Taste With Your Mates’ or Fave Musicians’

spotify blend playlist

We all know that Spotify keeps an incredible amount of data about us, data which allows the Swedish streaming giant to know us better than we know ourselves and suggest music that it knows already we would like.

However, we’ve all got those friends who seem to always know the best new tracks and whose music algorithm we would love to be targeted by.

Well, now you can. Spotify has expanded its ‘Blend’ feature to allow users to merge music tastes with up to 10 people in a group.

Using Blend, you can add users who you’d like to mix music tastes with and the platform will create a custom playlist that appeals to both parties. It can be used to identify crossover genres, pick up new tracks off your mates that you might not have otherwise heard, or share some of the top hits you’ve been playing lately.

Spotify has described Blend as a social listening experience as the playlists created are constantly evolving based on your changing tastes and they update daily — so if there are any new tracks in your Blend playlist that you have to hear again, make sure to save them elsewhere.

Blend has also been expanded to allow you to merge your music tastes with those of top streaming artists on Spotify. Blend identifies crossovers in your music tastes while highlighting influences and shared passions that you might not know about.

So far, only 20 artists are available to Blend with, including BTW, Charlie XCX, Kacey Musgraves, Megan Thee Stallion, Diplo, and Camilo. Blending with these artists will also give you a share card showing how well you match each creative’s taste.

As a feature, Blend has been around since last year, however, it has only been able to be used between two users at a time. With up to 10 now available, Spotify says you can easily create custom playlists between groups of friends that will suit everyone.

In order to create a Spotify Blend playlist, search ‘blend’ in the Spotify search bar, click through to ‘create blend’ and you’ll get an invitation link to share with up to 10 people. Once those people accept the invitation, Spotify will automatically create your blended playlist.

The move is part of the streaming service’s efforts to become more ingrained in our day-to-day lives and reap some of that sweet social media attention brought about each year by its huge Spotify Wrapped release. Of course, all the blend scorecards with top artists are shareable.

Spotify Blend is now live in Australia. You can try Blend out here or by clicking the Blend button on selected artist pages.

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