Skincare Supplements That Will Have You Looking Beautiful From the Inside Out (Literally)

skincare supplements

Supplements have been around for a while, and they’re really, really not going anywhere. We’re not exaggerating in the slightest — there are supplements for depression, stress and anxiety, ancient medicinal herbs are making a comeback too. And in the time of COVID, vitamin D is being used and the sales of supplements have skyrocketed. Personalised packets of vitamins can be shipped directly to your door, too.

Another thing that’s in? And yes, it relates to supplements. Skinimalism, according to Pinterest’s trend report. According to their wellness trends, the search for ‘how to get naturally glowing skin’ has multiplied four times over. And one way to do that? You’ve got it — supplements.

But looking for skincare supplements to help you look beautiful from the inside out can be as confusing as figuring out exactly what goes where in your 12-step skincare routine (if you’re still into that, that is). Good thing Ross Andrewartha, beauty expert — his credentials include MAC, YSL and Armani Beauty — has simplified it for you (and us!).

Here are Andrewartha’s four favourite beauty-boosting ingredients — and exactly how they help your skin.

Skincare Supplement #1: Astaxanthin

Andrewartha calls astaxanthin “The beauty supplement you didn’t know you needed.” Why? Free radical damage causes a breakdown of collagen and elastin in the dermal layer of the skin — and antioxidant supplements help with this, according to Andrewartha.

An article from the Journal of Dietary Supplements found that astaxanthin supplementation “improved skin texture, appearance (wrinkles) and moisture content.” Oh, and it seems to protect against UV-induced skin damage.

Skincare Supplement #2: Collagen

You’ve definitely heard about the benefits of collagen by now — our pals over at POPSUGAR love it too.

The thing is, collagen declines as we age, explains Andrewartha, and can also be impacted by exposure to “oxidative damage, cigarette smoking, poor diet, and exposure to UV light”. That’s why supplementing it is so important.

A review in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology “surprisingly revealed” — their words, not ours — that collagen improved skin aging parameters. As in, yes, collagen supplementation will benefit your skin.

Skincare Supplement #3: Royal Jelly

“Nutritional powerhouse” are the words Andrewartha uses to describe this ingredient. If you’re wondering how it got lauded so highly, it’s due to its “antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties; minerals like silicon; antioxidants and nutrients” and more.

And science agrees with him. Royal jelly has been found to promote collagen production, and yes, it’s antioxidative, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory — all the good anti’s! In fact, one paper called it “an ideal component of skincare products.”

Skincare Supplement #4: Zinc

Zinc is one thing Andrewartha can’t live without; it’s an essential mineral for healthy hair, skin and nails. Oh yes, and it provides antioxidant support.

In 2014, in the journal of Dermatology Research and Practiceit was recommended that zinc could be used for the development of effective anti-aging therapies, due to its “combined photoprotective and elastic regenerative properties.” In the same paper, they call zinc “an important micronutrient required for the normal function of skin.”

As for where he finds all these ingredients? He turns to GO Healthy, which provides beauty boosters in both supplement and powder form.

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