Get Your Pitches Ready Because ‘Shark Tank’ Is Back — Here’s How to Join

Shark Tank Australia Casting

After a five-year break, Shark Tank Australia is casting hopeful business owners with big ideas. The lineup of ‘Sharks’ is still shrouded in mystery. But if the show follows suit from previous years, we can expect that they’re hungry for new investments.

Across the globe, Shark Tank is known for helping budding entrepreneurs and their businesses reach their potential. The American leg of the franchise has helped create household names like Scrub Daddy, a product that is now seen in retailers internationally. And through a local lens, we’ve seen the success of Aussie start-up, Car Next Door, which has since been acquired by popular rideshare giant, Uber.

If you’re unaware of the show’s schematics, we’ll give you the rundown. Five business leaders (and their cash) are brought together to listen to business pitches from hopeful Aussies. In the past, we’ve witnessed a mixed bag of theatrics — from plain attempts to product demos that belong on the home shopping network.

But no matter how complex or ordinary, the ‘Sharks’ are looking for ideas with growth potential that will give them a good return on investment. And from there, they will decide whether to put up an offer or opt out.

And whether you snag a ‘Shark’ or walk out the doors without an investment, the potential media exposure alone could drive your business. So if you’ve got an awesome business concept, you’d better get your pitch ready.

How Can I Join Shark Tank Australia’s Casting?

You’ll need to send through a video with all the details about your big idea and show it in action. The video’s creativity is really up to you but 10 suggests addressing how your product or idea can help solve a problem and describe the product’s success.

To be a successful applicant, you’ll also need to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident with working and living rights in Australia. Additionally, you must provide a recent headshot. Shark Tank is open to all dreamers, both young and old. However, if you are under the age of 18, your parent/guardian will need to submit your form.

Apply now at 10play.com.au/casting for a chance to live out your entrepreneurial dreams.

Shark Tank Australia is returning to 10 and 10Play later this year.

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