Shannan Ponton Explains Exactly What Happens When Celebs Leave SAS Australia

Shannan Ponton

Former SAS celebrity recruit Shannan Ponton voluntarily withdrew from SAS Australia after watching 11 other contestants walk before him.

The Biggest Loser personal trainer suffered hypothermia during his final challenge, pulling out due to not being able to “perform” any longer.

In an interview with Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa, Ponton said that he was “escorted straight off base”.

“Everyone has a breaking point, but they [Directing Staff (DS)] are incredibly compassionate too in the right times, which was a really comforting thing at the end,” he told the co-hosts.

According to the 46-year-old, the DS — including Ant Middleton, Jason Fox, Mark Billingham and Ollie Ollerton — was particularly impressed with him and called his participation a “highlight”.

“They all came in at the end and said, “Listen, well done. For us, this is a highlight.” Particularly for me being older, the boys said, “Listen, we thought your body was going to give up a long time ago. We’re so proud of what you did,” he said.

“There are two sides to them: the brutality and dogged determination to get things done, and a compassionate side too, which is really kind and endearing. They’re always ready to give you a hug on the way out and a pat on the back.”

During a chat on the official Instagram page, Ponton said that after getting hypothermia earlier on in the season, he got it again during the final challenge and was “shivering” and “couldn’t warm” up.

“The water f–ked me. I just couldn’t get going. So far off the pace because of the cold water, I just couldn’t f–king get going,” he said.

The five recruits remaining on the series are Nick Cummins, 33, Sabrina Frederick, 23, Merrick Watts, 46, James Magnussen, 29, and Molly Taylor, 32, with only a rumoured three completing the course.

Of the three, it seems as though one doesn’t pass the selection process. Who makes it? We’ll find out during the finale.

The season finale of SAS Australia airs Tuesday, November 24 from 7:30 pm on Channel Seven.

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