You Can Now Smell Like the King of Spin Thanks to Shane Warne’s New Fragrance

Shane Warne

Woody, bold and intense.

Those are the three words used to describe the new fragrance created by Australian bowler Shane Warne. That’s right, you can now own a piece of the King of Spin himself (and even smell like him).

Called SW23 — a combination of his initials and the number he wore while playing for Australia — Warne has created the fragrance in collaboration with retailer Chemist Warehouse.

According to Chemist Warehouse, SW23 “exudes sophistication, sensuality and warmth with sumptuous ingredients that envelop the senses,” — much like the cricketing legend himself.

The opening notes of the fragrance include fresh bergamot, mandarin lead, cardamom and crisp apple. As the scent develops, you’re greeted with mid notes of juniper berry, clary sage and wild mind. The bold base notes which give SW23 its woody nature includes Indonesian patchouli, birch wood, oakmoss and leather accord.

The creation of the SW23 fragrance took around a year and included many samples that Warne himself tested.

“I chose all my favourite fragrances and gave them to Chemist Warehouse explaining what I liked and didn’t like,” he said during an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

“Then, from New York, they sent me 12 little samples, and over the course of a month, I walked around and travelled with them and worked out what worked and what didn’t.”

Warne has seemingly landed on a winner with the final composition of SW23, which has proved to be a particular hit with women.

“I’ve had some good feedback from women, they seem to like this,” Warne told The Daily Telegraph.

“People will notice you wearing it and they will comment on how wonderful you smell. It creates conversation and will make you feel happy, confident and sophisticated.”

All of the profits from SW23 will be donated to a charity, making this launch even sweeter.

According to Boss Hunting, all profits will go towards Melbourne-based children’s charity My Room — an organisation that supports patients and families affected by cancer.

You can shop Shane Warne’s SW23 via Chemist Warehouse for $49.99.

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