10 Budget-Friendly Buys for This Year’s Back-to-School

Australian kids are enjoying their last few weeks of freedom before schools start back up in February for the year. And, for parents, this time is when to start thinking about how to get them ready for heading back to school.

Because while a few weeks before the start of term is usually when to sort out what your little ones need for it, this year, with the pandemic still wreaking havoc on routines and plans, it’s particularly important you stay one step ahead of the game. You want to be sure you’re getting everything ready for them while you can (and aren’t out of action because of having to isolate or worse, having COVID).

Plus, the earlier you start shopping for back-to-school supplies, the better a chance at nabbing a bargain you’ll have. And by that, I mean you’ll have enough time to get a good idea of items’ prices to then be able to better compare. Plus, you’ll also have the option of ordering the supplies online (where you’ll probably find said bargains) and not have to worry about them arriving on time.

So, to help you out if you’re ready to start your back-to-school supplies shop, we’ve rounded up some of the best deals on the Internet that’ll ensure your kids are ready to learn here.

Book Tote Bag, $19.99

Spicebox Gel Pen Kit for Teens, now $30.05

Student Planner 2022, $14.99

Cath Kidson Double Zip Pencil Case With Badges, now $20.95

The Square Up Highlighter 5Pk, $9.99

Typo highlighter

Alumni Backpack, $29.99

Vans Off The Wall Pencil Case, now $11.95

Be Yourself Encouragement Pencils, $12.39

Cute Kawaii Pencil Case, 11.44

Penny Scallan Lunchbox School, $34.95

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