Lego Superfan Creates Schitt’s Creek Set Complete With Moira’s Wig Wall


The humble LEGO brick presents limitless opportunity to build just about any and every world, though the Danish company’s pop culture-themed sets are no doubt some of the more popular releases, often stirring huge fanfare from collectors around the world.

Recently, LEGO released six new Harry Potter sets and a fan-designed Seinfeld set featuring Jerry’s apartment, but the latest news from the LEGO universe comes in the form of a mini Rosebud Motel, inspired by the hit US sitcom, Schitt’s Creek.

Technically, the Schitt’s Creek LEGO set is a mere conception at this point, though the fan-designed model could soon become a reality (if LEGO fans have anything to say about it). More on that later.

LEGO Ideas / Mark Fitzpatrick

Australian marketing manager and LEGO enthusiast, Mark Fitzpatrick, is the brains behind the Rosebud Motel model. He recently shared his design to the LEGO Ideas forum, which is something of a fab hub where real people can submit plans for consideration from the actual LEGO team once they receive 10,000 votes of support from the community on the hub.

Fitzpatrick’s design leaves behind no hilarious detail from the long-running show. The 1,520-brick replica of the Rosebud Motel features several spaces including David and Alexis’ shared room that joins with Moira and Johnny’s suite, plus the motel lobby where guests check-in. And the set is littered with Easter eggs from the show. From Moira’s wig wall and David’s cedar chest to an Elmdale Chronicle and the vending machine out front.

Even better, the set comes with all your favourite characters — there’s Moira, Johnny, David, Alexis, Stevie and Patrick, though creator Fitzpatrick has pledged to include more characters at fans’ request.


As we write this story, the model is sitting on 3,455 supporters. Should Fitzpatrick receive 6,545 more votes, the LEGO team will take his design into consideration for mass production. And we’re sincerely hoping they do. Not much aside from re-watching the six-season show can fill the void the show’s ending has left in our hearts.

You can vote for the Rosebud Motel to come to fruition on the LEGO Ideas forum here.

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