Ah So… Schapelle Corby Is in a Rap Video

Did we think that we’d ever be typing out the words “Schapelle Corby is in a rap video”, let alone on Christmas Eve? No, but we love surprises, so here we go.

Schapelle Corby stars as a psychologist in the music video for her brother James Kisina’s rap song, “Who You Know ft NSLV”.

The video depicts James attending a therapy session, unloading his woes onto his sister/psychologist, who diagnoses him quickly with “paranoia” and “bipolar”, as well as “schizophrenia” and “ADHD”.

The lyrics of “Who You Know” are all about how successful James is, despite his troubles. At the end of the video, James tells an exasperated Schapelle that he feels “much better” after talking to her.

“How’d I do?” he asks, as Schapelle is seen scribbling the words “anger issues” onto her assessment.

“James, you did… you did great,” Schapelle replies, adding: “So we’ll book you in for next Tuesday?”

They shake hands, with James asking “hey, who you know who does therapy like THAT?!” as Schapelle shakes her head in frustration.

Honestly, it’s best just to watch for yourself. Happy holidays.