Save Some Cash and Learn to Dye Your Own Brows at Home

Beauty procedures and routines can add up quickly and it’s easy to rack up huge expenses each month. While there’s no denying that salon-quality treatments can be worth it —anyone who’s been risky enough to try cutting their own fringe has likely discovered just how much expertise goes into making a haircut work — however, some beauty upkeep needs don’t need to cost a fortune.

There are a number of things you can do at home without wasting time in a salon chair and save some cash along the way to spend elsewhere. One such simple DIY beauty trick is all about the brows. If your eyebrows require upkeep already, odds are you’ve already perfect the art of shaping and plucking — but to take it one step further and give yourself the total salon treatment, why not try dying your own eyebrows as well.

It may seem a bit risky at first, but as long as you’ve got a few basic materials on hand and a little patience you’ll be good to go. Below, you’ll learn how it’s done, so all that’s left for you to do is start brainstorming what you’ll do with your extra dollars.

What you’ll need

  • Timer, your iPhone will work just fine
  • Vaseline
  • Cotton swabs
  • Shampoo
  • Eyebrow tint/dye
  • Paper towels
  • Washcloth

Dying your eyebrows

— Find the right colour: Your local pharmacy or supermarket should sell eyebrow dyes or tints in a number of different colours. One of the most popular drugstore brands is 1000 Hour which you can find at places like Chemist Warehouse and Priceline.

— Test run the dye colour: According to Glamour, the best way to test the colour of dye you’ll be using is to put a bit of dye onto a small section of a paper towel and let it sit for a few minutes. Once the colour has set it, hold your swatch above your brows to ensure that the colour looks right before you begin applying.

— Drip-proof your face: Following the outline of your shaped and groomed brows, apply Vaseline with a cotton swab. Make sure not to get any on your brows, and think of this as the barrier that will stop the dye from dripping onto your face. Anywhere where you have Vaseline, the dye won’t stick — so if you get some on your brows, you’ll end up with a patchy dye job.

— Mix the dye: Using the tools that come with the dye, mix equal parts of colour and developer in the small mixing tray as per the instructions included in the pack. Stir until blended, and then you’re ready to go.

— Application: Using the brush provided (or a small makeup brush), swipe the dye across dry eyebrows. 

— Let it sit: Using your phone or timer, set an alarm for five minutes. Be patient, but don’t let it sit too long — or else you’ll end up with very severe brows.

— Wash the dye off: Using a small bit of shampoo and a washcloth, dab your eyebrows with warm water to wash off the excess dye. After that, your DIY tinted eyebrows are good to go! Could it get any easier?

Note: Eyebrow dye instructions adapted from Glamour.  

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