Congrats Matthew Mitcham and Tim Robards, You Have Won the ‘SAS Australia’ Finale

Tim Robards, Ant Middleton, and Matthew Mitcham in the SAS Australia finale.

It happened. In the finale of SAS Australia, Matthew Mitcham and Tim Robards both passed this series’ final test. For those not in the know, Matthew is an Olympic gold medallist in diving, while Tim was the first ever Aussie Bachelor.   

However, not everyone in this episode was a winner. Both Abbey Holmes and Dr Craig Challen were eliminated. Abbey is a former AFLW player, while Craig helped save numerous school kids in the 2018 Thai cave rescue efforts. 

The SAS Australia Finale: A Recap

In the SAS Australia finale, each contestant had to craft a final message to their family, all while being composed. This was followed by an endurance challenge. This endurance challenge consisted of a 5km trek followed by a 150m climb up a cliff. 

It was during this second challenge that Abbey was eliminated.

“I’m very disappointed not to get to the end, but what this experience has shown me is that your mind and your body are capable of so much more,” Abbey said after her exit. “I’ve been lucky enough to really learn a lot about myself, and I’ve learned not to chase perfection.”

Nevertheless, the SAS Australia finale wasn’t quite over. The final challenge was a hostage extraction operation. Matthew, Tim, and Craig had to use everything they had learned to safely save some freighted hostages. 

After this mission was completed, Ant Middleton, the host, announced SAS Australia’s winners. He congratulated Matthew and Tim on passing this final exam. Naturally, both Matthew and Tim were stoked. 

“I am just so elated,” said Matthew. ‘This has been the best experience of my entire life. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude.”

“I’m so happy. It’s shown what strength I’ve got inside,” Tim said. “I probably doubted that a lot. Now I’m getting teary… I can’t wait to call my wife and tell her that I made it.”

Ant also announced that Craig didn’t pass this test. However, Ant was very impressed with Craig’s efforts.

“To get this far and then not pass, mildly disappointing,” said Craig. “But I’m ecstatic at getting all the way through it.”

The finale of SAS Australia is currently streaming on 7plus.

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