From ‘Neighbours’ to ‘SAS Australia’ — Zima Anderson’s Incredible Journey

Zima Anderson is on SAS Australia.

In the latest season of SAS Australia, 14 celebrity recruits have volunteered to leave their glamorous lives behind. One of these SAS Australia celebs is none other than the actor Zima Anderson.

As it stands, Anderson is hyped to be on SAS Australia. She can’t wait for us to experience the torture she was put through. 


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“LET’S FREAKING GOOOO,” Anderson wrote on Instagram, “it’s almost here.”

“Who is excited to see me get buried alive?”

However, this experience wasn’t all fun in games. In a comment on her Instagram post, Anderson admitted that this experience brought her to tears. 

Here’s everything else we know about Zima Anderson and SAS Australia

Who Is Zima Anderson?

Zima Anderson is an actor who’s best known for her role as Roxy Willis on Neighbours. Between 2019 and 2022, she starred in 551 episodes of the long-running soap opera.

What’s more, Anderson also starred in an episode of Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries. In this drama, she performed the role of Gidget Mitchell.

Is Zima Anderson from Tasmania?

Yes, Zima Anderson is originally from Tasmania. However, she relocated to Melbourne to pursue her acting career. 

Why Did Zima Anderson Leave Neighbours?

Zima Anderson left Neighbours because she felt that she’d learned basically everything she could from it, and wanted a new challenge.

“You get so comfortable,” Anderson explained in an interview with Digital Spy. “Neighbours is the best school you could ever go to for acting. You never get an experience like that anywhere.

“I learned so much, I laughed so much, and I’d grown so much as a human, so I felt that I needed to challenge myself in another direction.

“It was so hard to leave a place like that because Neighbours is so incredible and fantastic,” Anderson also noted. “I love Roxy, and she’ll always be with me. But it was a choice to go and learn somewhere else because I’d learned so much already.”

Catch the new season of SAS Australia, and Zima Anderson, when they premiere on Channel 7 and 7Plus. You can watch all the latest episodes or familiarise yourself with previous seasons online at 7Plus.

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