Tim Robards: Australia’s Most Beloved Chiropractor Takes on ‘SAS Australia’

Tim Robards is on SAS Australia.

The countdown to SAS Australia is on, and Channel 7 has been slowly giving us tidbits as to what we can expect from the upcoming season. One of the celebrity contestants this year is the Aussie actor, OG Bachelor, and chiropractor, Tim Robards.

In 2021, Robards helped his wife, Anna Heinrich, prepare for her own stint on this series. This means that he already knows what it takes to get through some of the challenges.

“As much as she then goes off and does it, leading up to that it was such a family affair because I would be training her,” said Roberts in an interview with Yahoo.

“But we had our daughter Elle as well, and a lot of it was through lockdown. So I’d be pushing the stroller up Bellevue Hill while Anna would have a backpack strapped on her, running up and down.

“Or we’d go down to the kid’s park because we need monkey bars so she could practice hanging and swinging, and I’d be chasing Elle around the park while I also train Anna and go back and forth, back and forth.”


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But just because Robards prepped his wife for SAS Australia doesn’t mean he won’t have his own struggles on this series. Here’s what we know about Tim Robards and his SAS Australia journey. 

Who Is Tim Robards?

Tim Robards was a chiropractor for seven years before being cast on the first season of The Bachelor Australia. On this series, he chose Anna Heinrich, and they’ve been together ever since. 

In 2020, Robards and Heinrich had their first child, Elle. What’s more, they are currently prepping for their second.

Since being on The Bachelor Australia, Robards has appeared on Dancing with the Stars, Australian Ninja Warrior, and Neighbours

How Old Is Tim Robards?

Tim Robards is currently 40 years old. His wife Anna Heinrich is currently 36 years old.

Catch the new season of SAS Australia, and Tim Robards, when they premiere on Channel 7 and 7Plus. You can watch all the latest episodes or familiarise yourself with previous seasons online at 7Plus.

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