Splash: Matthew Mitcham Is Diving Into the Sands of ‘SAS Australia’ 2023

sas australia 2023 matthew mitcham

History-making Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham is swimming into the sands of the Middle East for the 2023 season of SAS Australia. Surrounded by other sports stars and personalities of interest, the 14 recruits will attempt to successfully pass the selection challenges for the notoriously difficult special ops team.

Much like each of the other celebrities, Matthew brings a special set of skills to the desert for a chance to take home the win. Here’s his story.

SAS Australia 2023: Who Is Matthew Mitcham?

SAS Australia 2023 isn’t Matthew’s first reality television rodeo. He took out second place on Channel 7’s Dancing With the Stars. 

Before that, he etched his place into sports history as the first Australian male Olympian to take out the gold in 84 years. His 2008 gold-medal winning dive came after three missed-wins in the 2006 Commonwealth Games. Although his victory wasn’t the first or last of his accomplishments, Mathew’s epic contributions to diving from then on were recognised and gave premise to his Sports Australia Hall of Fame induction.

In the years following, he married his longtime partner, Luke Rutherford in Belgium, while surrounded by their family and friends.

What Is Matthew Mitcham Doing Now?

Recently, the sports icon has since swapped his athletic career for a life on stage. He’s set to star in a production of Strangers in Between at a theatre in Camberwell.

When he’s not filming reality shows like SAS Australia 2023, Matthew Mitcham is making content on Instagram and OnlyFans.

Will his varied pursuits take him to the next level on SAS Australia 2023? Only time will tell…

Catch the new season of SAS Australia when it premieres on Channel 7 and 7 Plus. You can watch all the latest episodes or familiarise yourself with previous seasons online at 7Plus.

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