‘Rush Australia’ 2023 Finale: Hamish Takes the Win

Rush Australia 2023 winner Hamish, and host David Genat

After a series of exciting tests of skill over eight incredible countries, the winner of Rush Australia 2023 is… Hamish! In a show-stopping season finale, we witnessed the remaining three contestants — Sofia, CK and Hamish — race through South Africa for a shot at the grand prize of $100,000 and two first class flight tickets for a global adventure. Three missions stood between them and glory.

“Both of them were very formidable opponents. They were hustling hard. They had the drive so I knew I had to give it my all,” Rush winner Hamish told The Latch ahead of tonight’s finale. 

Throughout the entire season of Rush Australia 2023, audiences have seen every contestant pushed to their limits, facing their fears and going beyond their comfort zone. The grand finale was no different, and everyone was giving it their all until the very end.


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The Rush Australia 2023 Finale

The final destination of the series was South Africa, and the first challenge required the three finalists to bungee jump off a 216 metre high bridge. It wasn’t Sofia’s favourite of the tasks — she’s afraid of heights — but she wasn’t going to let that stop her.

Next, they needed to find their way to a hedge maze at Redberry Farm. With little budget to spend and an accidental navigation error, CK and Hamish end up in two different mazes. Sofia arrived to the correct one ahead of the others.

Then, it was a sprint to a hotel in Mossel Bay. The trio took different routes and methods to get there, but Hamish is victorious in this challenge, arriving to the location ahead of the others.


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The Final Mission

To close out the season, the final two missions demanded courage and endurance from all three contestants. First, there was a skydive over Cape Town, followed by a steep 3km hiking race to the top of Table Mountain.

Each of them succeeded the first hurdle, but the hike proved to be a trial. After some time, Hamish reached the top ahead of the others — only to find out that they each needed to go back down via cable car to claim a flare from a Nelson Mandela statue in Noble Square.

The quickest to the statue would be the winner. CK and Hamish were neck and neck, but of course, there could only be one winner.

In an emotional reunion with his mother at the Escape Zone, Hamish was crowned the Rush Australia 2023 winner.

Of his win, Hamish told The Latch that it still felt “a little bit surreal”.

“I’m still pinching myself,” he said. “I mean, it still hasn’t kicked in yet.

“I think it’ll probably settle in after the episode airs, but yeah, it’s pretty good, that’s for sure!” he added.

Congratulations, Hamish!

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