Rule Over ‘My Kitchen Rules’ By Learning the Rules of ‘My Kitchen Rules’

It’s no surprise that My Kitchen Rules has a bunch of rules. The word “rules” is in the name, after all. 

However, if you’re a newbie to this series, you might not know the rules that govern this series. Or perhaps you’re a veteran who would like a refresher. Either way, here are the My Kitchen Rules… rules.

The Rules of My Kitchen Rules

Part One: The Instant Restaurant Round

During the Instant Restaurant round, each episode focuses on a team cooking a three-course meal in the city or town that they live in. These teams have three hours to cook an entree, a main, and a dessert. All of these meals are judged by their contestants and the judges. 

The lowest teams are at a risk of being eliminated. 

Part Two: The Elimination Round

All of the teams that did the worst in the Instant Restaurant round compete in a competition. The lowest-performing team then gets kicked from the kitchen.

Part Three: The Gauntlet of Competitions

After the elimination round, a series of smaller, one-off competitions are played. These include comps like the People’s Choice Challenge, where each team has an hour-and-a-half to prepare a feed that the general public judges. Or another classic is Rapid Cook-Off, where each team has 30 minutes to whip up a feed.

The two losing teams from these competitions go into a sudden death round. These teams have a few hours to create an entree, a main, and a dessert that will be critiqued by the judges. The team that created the worst food gets eliminated. 

Part Four: The Semi-Final Round

When there are only four teams left, the semi-finals kick off. There are two rounds, each with two teams battling it out in a cook-off. The loser of each round is evicted from the series.

Part Five: The Final Round

The final round is another classic cook-off. The two final teams cook some entrees, mains, and desserts. These feeds are then reviewed by a panel of judges. The team that cooks the better journey? They score $100,000.

My Kitchen Rules airs Mondays through Wednesdays. It is on both Channel 7 and the 7plus app.

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