Functionality Meets Fashion: The Rise of Technical Workwear (and Where to Buy It)

When we think of workwear, we all probably envision the same thing: fluorescent yellows, navy blues, and bright oranges. They’re simple staples for clothing that’s meant to serve a purpose beyond style. Innovating upon that can be difficult — but it’s not impossible.

Many major brands across traditional workwear and fashion have taken steps to bridge the gap between the two. Even the highest of fashion houses are discovering ways to make the functional fashionable, but now your trusted workwear brands — whose products you can trust to actually do the job — are keeping you clock-off ready as well.

carhartt pants dirty wrench
RSEA Safety is like an oasis for anyone who wants clothes that can do it all, no matter the job. You probably already know that they offer you the pinnacle of workplace protection, but hard hats and ear plugs don’t exactly scream streetwear (yet). Beyond that, however, RSEA is a hub for workwear that continues to serve outside 9 — 5.

Pants That are Built to Move

If you’re looking to find workwear that’s trendy meets tactical, then chances are you already know about iconic brand Carhartt. Carharrt blends workwear and fashion so seamlessly that some might not even realise it’s a workwear brand at all. RSEA’s Carhartt stock is extensive, to say the very least, including the Michigan-founded powerhouse’s Rugged Flex Pants. With a straight fit and a tapered leg, these pants are designed with movement front of mind. But in slick black and stone varieties, these pants are easily paired with pretty much anything and could be the next crucial staple in your wardrobe.

Workwear That Reflects Your Personal Style

carhartt shirts in rsea safety store

Reflective material, like what 3M delivers, has been permeating high fashion for years now, even as recently as this year’s Fall New York Fashion Week. Designers worldwide have recognised the potential of this striking hi-vis material for some absolutely stunning pieces, and there’s no reason you can’t give your wardrobe the same makeover. ELEVEN’s panel leggings, for example, will have you winter ready while doing double duty both at work and at the gym. These workwear-grade leggings have reflective detailing down the length of both legs, and they even have pockets. Pair them with ELEVEN BLACK’s anorak, and you’ve got a gym-ready, work-ready, brunch-ready staple that makes a statement.

Keep La Niña at Bay

With how ridiculously unpredictable the weather has been in the past year, it’s essential for you to stay wet-weather-ready. RSEA Safety stocks a range of waterproof and water resistant clothing options that don’t compromise on style. Waterproof pieces can traditionally be clunky or bulky, but with options like this sleek water-resistant hoodie, you can stay dry no matter the location without feeling like you’re carrying too much extra weight. Check out this pack away rain jacket from Kunparrka – easy to store in your car!

Head to RSEA Safety online or in-store to get all the latest workwear trends.

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