9 of the Best Foods to Seek Out at the Easter Show This Year

royal easter show food

The Royal Easter Show is back this year with an exciting lineup of new food creations and returning favourites. After all, the best part about the Easter Show is the food and maybe the woodchopping. Who doesn’t love chips on a stick or a cup of shaved ice?

The Sydney Royal Easter Show debuts a new kind of wild and wonderful festival food every year. Last year it was bacon on a stick; this year, we scoured the showgrounds to find the best sweet, savoury and downright indulgent treats we could get our hands on. Here’s what we found.

royal easter show food


It’s confirmed Cinnabon’s second location is popping up at the Easter Show (temporarily). You can get your hands on the sweet, sticky cinnamon buns at the Showbag Pavilion. Or you can follow the waft of freshly baked cinnamon in the air.

royal easter show food

Bloomin Onion at Burger Head

Last year, Burger Head made us fall in love with deep-fried bacon on a stick. This year, for the first time ever, you can get a Blooming Onion at the show. Each large onion flower can be served with Sriracha mayo or loaded up with cheese and bacon bits. It’s only $15, and you can find the Burger Head truck on Shoalhaven Street.

royal easter show food

Pizza Dobomb

If you find yourself near the desert bar on Orana Parade, grab a pizza dobomb. Made from fresh pizza dough, these sweet or savoury little bombs are a great snack. You can get them topped with pepperoni and Italian tomato sauce or fulfil your sweet tooth with the cinnamon sugar flavour.

royal easter show food

Sticky Banana on a Stick

We’ve had chips on a stick, bacon on a stick, and even dumplings on a stick. Food tastes better when it’s on a stick. This deep-fried banana on a stick is no exception. Drizzle it with chocolate sauce for the ultimate indulgent treat.

royal easter show food

Speckle Park Pie

For all you pie lovers, the Woolworths Discovery Pavilion is slinging a Speckle Park beef pie, drowning in rich gravy and secured in a flaky pastry fortress.

royal easter show food

Neon Hotdogs and Gummy Bear Loaded Fries

Whether you want to believe it or not, you can get electric neon hot dogs and gummy bear-loaded fries at the Easter Show this year. It’s a colour explosion, and we’re not sure how we feel about biting into a bright pink hot dog bun with sky-blue hot dogs.

royal easter show food

Satay Chicken Roti Wrap

Not everything at the Easter Show has to be deep-fried or loaded with sugar. This satay chicken roti wrap is the perfect lunch on the go. Grab it at Mr Alloo’s Noodle Market for $15.

royal easter show food

Lemongrass Prawn and Salad Roll

Another healthy option is this lemongrass prawn and salad roll from Ocean Bue Seafood on Riverina Avenue. Even though the weather is cooling down, this prawn roll will put a fire in your belly.

royal easter show food

World’s Largest Glow in the Dark Fairy Floss

Is there anything more iconic than fairy floss at a festival? No, we didn’t think so, either. This year, wrap your hands around a soaring stack of glow-in-the-dark fairy floss. Pick up this whimsical treat at Neon Alley, where you can also find neon hot dogs.

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