This Unique Skincare Brand Uses Australian Botanicals in Its Formulas


With increasing awareness about everyday toxins, a growing number of men and women are reaching for organic products; and that includes beauty and skincare.

While the thought of “organic skincare” may at first seem synonymous with “expensive”, oftentimes organic alternatives are similarly priced to other medium-to-high-end brands.

And it’s well worth the cost to look out for your skin (it is your body’s largest organ, after all). We’ve found one clean beauty brand that stands out.

Following millennium-long traditions established in the natural medicines of Australian Indigenous people, Rohr Remedy strives to “combine this ancient knowledge with scientifically proven pharmaceutical formulas, creating unique and effective skincare products.”

Furthermore, the brand takes pains to make sure its products are free of all the yucky stuff that can be found in some skincare brands (parabens, BPA, artificial colours, aluminium,etc.)

From lip balms to body wash, Rohr Remedy is a great brand to start with if you’re looking to remake your skincare routine into something a little more natural. 

According to reviews, here’s what you should buy. From left to right:

rohr remedy

Boab and Rosehip with Vitamin E Oil, $45

“The healing properties of Rosehip oil works in with the vitamin and mineral-rich Boab oil, to restore the most damaged skin.”

Suitable for face or body, this oil sinks into the skin to restore and refresh. Recommended for use on post-pregnancy stretch marks or as a primer under makeup, this multi-purpose oil is worth the investment. Multiple reviews also compliment the smell.

Rosalina Face Cleanser, $26

Gentle but powerful, this cleanser uses naturally astringent ingredients to cleanse deep into pores. Reviews confirm that this cleanser lathers well, effectively swiping off the day’s makeup, sunscreen, dirt and pollution. 

Desert Lime Body Moisturiser, $35

This nourishing body moisturiser is the perfect remedy for dry skin. With desert lime for antioxidants and kelp to detoxify the skin, this body lotion will repair your skin and help it retain moisture. Reviews confirm that it is, in fact, tremendously softening and hydrating. Better yet, the citrusy scent is nice and fresh.

Australian Wildflower Deodorant, $18

This natural deodorant is aluminium free and won’t leave your clothes with a stain in the armpits. While some might think that natural deodorants would be less effective, this one proves that notion wrong. Suitable for all skin types, this one is packed full of essential oils from Australian wildflowers, including Rosalina, Kunzea and Fragonia. Reviewers praise this one for lasting all day and smelling great, without irritating even the most sensitive skin.