The Headlines: 19,000 Refugees to Be Permanent Aussie Residents From 2023

Folks, it’s officially the last hump day before Christmas. However, if you’re feeling a tad sluggish and like sending one email is a Herculean task, Santa won’t save you. Your Christmas present won’t be magically getting the day off. 

Nevertheless, while Santa won’t save you, we will. ‘Cause going through today’s top news stories will be just the break you need to crush the Wednesday blues. So, let’s get cracking on it. Here are some of the day’s biggest headlines

19,000 Refugees Will Score Permanent Residents Here

In early 2023, the Federal Government will let 19,000 refugees permanently stay in Australia. This call will positively impact individuals who arrived in Australia by boat before 2014 and have a temporary protection visa or a safe haven enterprise visa.

Finally, after so many years, these folks will have social security and will be able to invite their overseas families over for visits.  

For the likes of Maryam, an Iranian woman who fled to Australia ten years ago, this news is the news that she’s been waiting for. 

As Maryam said, “It will mean I can see my family again after ten years, so I can hug them and face-to-face say that I love them and ‘I miss you.’ My heart is pounding because I have been waiting every second during the past 10 years for this news.”

However, while this news is a step forward, it doesn’t address what will happen to the 12,000 refugees who arrived before 2014. These folks will remain on bridging visas and still have a very uncertain future. 

Regarding this situation, Kon Karapanagiotidis, the CEO of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, said, “19,000 refugees can breathe a sigh of relief. But thousands of people who’ve been part of our community for a decade face an uncertain future… All 31,000 people need pathways to permanence.”

Argentina Have Come Back Home FIFA World Cup Legends 

In some unsurprising news, the people of Argentina are going wild since their football team has flown home from the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This is because said team has returned as the definitive overall victors. 

Fireworks have been shot, the player’s bus has been hounded by thousands of people, and many a fan partied hard in the streets. Even the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, made December 20 a national holiday so the country could celebrate this victory in style.

In summary, it’s a good year to be an Argentinian football fan. It’s a very good year indeed.

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Riverina Wheelchair Basketball Is 100% Improving Lives

In the NSW’s Riverina area, a sixteen-year-old chap named Bailey Whitton has been frothing over wheelchair basketball for the past 11 years. Whitton has vibed with this community, enjoyed competing, and is hungry for more.

“It’s just the whole physical activity aspect of it and the team building,” said Whitton, who requires assistance to walk.

“They are all pretty good dudes on and off the court.”

Meanwhile, his mum, Tracy Whitton, said, “Being a kid with a disability in a small town with not many other kids with physical disabilities, he felt pretty isolated.”

“He came along here … that was brilliant for his confidence and everyone treats him like one of the team.”

Additionally, wheelchair basketball has been a rad activity for some other kids in the Riverina this year. And in 2023, things won’t be any different. 

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