Welcome to Quitter’s Day: The Day We Give Up on Our Resolutions

resolution quitters day

Today is the 19th of January. A fairly innocuous day by most standards – unless you’re one of the people that sit firmly in the “resolutions” camp. Yep, today is officially “Quitter’s Day.”

It’s a term coined by fitness platform Strava, who used over 800 million user-logged activities, and discovered that today is the day most people are likely to give up on their New Year’s resolutions.

However, today doesn’t have to be Quitter’s Day for you. Michelle Furniss, CCO of Health and Fitness, Australia/New Zealand, TSG, certified personal trainer, and qualified group fitness instructor, is compelling people to push through the day.

One of the reason’s Quitter’s Day is so early in the year – in the month, really – is that we push ourselves too hard to make up for the indulgence over the festive season. “The reality of how much we’ve overindulged begins to dawn on us. Everyone wants to feel like they’re starting off the New Year on the right foot, but going too hard too soon is simply not sustainable,” says Furniss.

As Millennials and Xennials, we’re part of the ‘instant gratification’ era and apparently, that extends to our fitness goals. One way to get past this mindset? “Look beyond just the aesthetics, and remember that fitness contributes to much more than just your physical appearance. Fitness has a myriad of health benefits, both in the immediate, short, and long term.”

If you’re wondering what those benefits are, according to Furniss they include feeling good, improving your mental health, boosting your energy levels, and contributing to a greater sense of wellbeing and wellness.

One of the best things you can do is remember that “Fitness is a long-term game.” Furniss recommends folding it into your daily life, as it’s much easier to build new habits around existing ones.

To do this, she advises people to set short, medium and long term goals as opposed to one large unrealistic stretch goal. Pairing up with someone else to keep you accountable and motivated is another thing people should look into.

As to ensuring fitness is something we want to do, not just something have to do, she says, “Find the fun!” As fitness has evolved so dramatically, it’s easy to find a fitness experience that will suit your preferences. You can always check out some of the fitness trends for 2021.

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