Step Up Your Cocktail Hour in Quarantine With These Easy Recipes


The quarantini is the latest drink trend and it’s filled with whatever you’ve got knocking around in your fridge or bar cart.

While we can’t physically go out to bars at the moment, we can recreate the drinking experience at home to some extent. Or, you could order from your local bars that are now doing takeaway!

So, we’ve curated a few cocktail recipes you can throw together (and channel your inner mixologist) all from your home. And, you only really need a few ingredients for each recipe.


Tequila is the core ingredient in a plethora of cocktails but there is nothing better than a margarita, in our opinion. To channel some sunny, social vibes, grab tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice and ice to create this Classic Margarita by BBC Good Food.

The recipe calls for a cocktail shaker to combine all the ingredients, but you can also pour everything into a blender and whizz it up to create a slushy-style marg. Add chilli salt on the rim for an extra kick.


As we’ve just finished the summer season, you probably have a bottle of Campari stored away, waiting to be turned into a spritz. But, in lieu of prosecco to make said spritz, this is what else Campari can be used for.

Campari and soda is an underrated drink, but one that is seriously delicious. Plus, it only needs two ingredients, which is a winner given the current buying limits on alcohol. This Campari and Soda recipe by Delicious shows just how easy it is to assemble.

But, if you also happen to have some gin and sweet vermouth lying around, you can’t beat the best Campari cocktail there is: the Negroni. This recipe by Bon Appetit is the epitome of a classy tipple.


You can’t really go past the iconic gin and tonic with a wedge of lime and this recipe by Tanqueray shows you the secret to a traditional G&T.

But, if you’re feeling like something a little bit more special, this cocktail class is right up your alley. For the last few weeks, Grant Collins, the founder of Sydney establishments Gin Lane and Blossom Bar, has been hosting virtual cocktail making classes via Instagram and Facebook live.

Every Friday for the foreseeable future, Collins will be hosting ‘Virtual Friday Drinks’ from 3pm. During these videos, Collins focuses on G&T’s with a twist as well as other interesting cocktails he’s renowned for.

So, if you’ve got a bottle of gin sitting in your bar cart and you need some inspiration, tune in!



While vodka lends itself to be mixed with pretty much anything, if you still want something a little different, try whipping up a Moscow Mule.

Literally all you need for this tipple is vodka, ginger beer and lime juice, so it’s dead easy. This Moscow Mule recipe by Dan Murphy’s gives you the quantities needed.

Non-alcoholic quarantini

Those who prefer not to drink don’t have to miss out on the mixology fun either. Mocktails don’t have to be boring sans booze — it’s simply about maximising flavour through the addition of other liquids like coconut water, fruit juice or kombucha.

Kombucha brand Nexba has recently launched #NexbaHappyHour, with new kombucha cocktail recipes posted to their social media every Thursday, Friday and Saturday in April.

The Pineapple Mango Daiquiri only requires some frozen mango, mint leaves and a glug of Nexba’s Pineapple & Coconut Tepaché, so it’s super simple.


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