Prime Possum and Healthy Harold: A Wholesome Retrospection

Healthy Harold

Almost every Australian who went through the schooling system in the 90s has fond memories of both Prime Possum and Healthy Harold. This is a surprise to no-one.

Prime’s marsupial costume and the Harold giraffe puppet were so cute that they could literally make every kid smile.

But these mascots didn’t just have iconic designs, they also imparted some valuable lessons, so let’s look back at what these fuzzy critters taught us. 

Prime Possum

Prime Possum has one mission and one mission only. And that’s to get children to go to bed at 7:30pm. That’s right: this mammal will break through your roof, turn off the TV, and demand that everyone under twelve run off to bed. No, I’m just kidding. Prime is the sort of champ that claps and smiles while you’re being tucked in. 

As a kid, I always a bit resentful of Prime Possum telling me to go to bed. However, as a haggard adult, I wish that I followed his advice more often. I mean, just imagine going to sleep at 7:30pm, what a treat that would be. Also, I imagine a lot of parents would have been grateful for this marsupial’s existence. Who wouldn’t want a costumed hero telling their children it’s bedtime?  

Healthy Harold

Healthy Harold runs the gamut of important topics that kids should discuss. He talks about what foods we should eat, why we shouldn’t take illicit drugs, and how to stay safe. He’s also been doing this  for 40 years and visited a mind-boggling number of schools. He’s truly the embodiment of “not all heroes wear capes or are human.”  

Sometimes, as a fully grown adult, I legitimately look at my ninth Tim Tam and ask myself, “Would Healthy Harold eat that?” And if I’m a clever cookie, I’ll say no. And if I’m a genius, I’ll put in back in the fridge. Unfortunately, I don’t always follow this giraffe’s advice, so I should find his number and text him. 

Prime Possum and Healthy Harold are institutions that deserve to be celebrated. They taught potentially sterile and dull topics in fun and interesting ways. They additionally used their cuddly designs for good, rather than to sell Dream World merchandise. So, let’s raise a glass of water to these legends, and make sure we’re all sleeping on time.