Who Has the Best Cuisine on the Planet? Meet The Cast of ‘Plate of Origin’

Plate of Origin

Move over Masterchef, your new favourite cooking show has arrived in the form of Channel 7’s Plate of Origin — and with it, some very familiar faces.

Hosted by Manu Feildel (My Kitchen Rules) and former Masterchef judges, Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan, the series is a world-class cooking competition that will pit plate against plate and cook against cook.

Premiering on Sunday August 30, teams will go head-to-head in the ultimate culinary competition to decide which cuisine will reign supreme. Is it Greek or Australian? Cameroonian or French?

Contestants from around Australia will present mouth-watering dishes from around the world — presenting dishes we know and love and some that you will have never heard of.

So who has the ultimate culinary experience? Let the flames begin!

Meet the teams going head-to-head in the battle to decide who has the best cuisine on the planet in Plate of Origin Australia 2020.

Team Cameroon – Kelly, 26, and Ashley, 28

“No one really knows our food, it’s spicy, it’s filling. Cameroonian food will blow your socks off!“ — Ashley

Plate of Origin

Team Australia – Ethan, 28, and Stew, 28

“We’re here to prove that modern Australian cuisine is going to stand up against the heavyweights of food.” — Ethan

Plate of Origin

Team Greece – Dezi, 42, and Penny, 33

“We don’t do small portions. We do big or go home!” — Dezi

Plate of Origin

Team France – Austine, 28, and Leo, 32

“French food is the best – elegance, technicality and a lot of love…” — Leo

Plate of Origin

Team China – Mandy, 28, and Chrys, 30

“We are the best to represent Chinese cuisine because we bring modern flavours into traditional cooking.” — Mandy

Plate of Origin

Team Italy – Teresa, 60, and Michelle, 35

“Italian cuisine means so much to me because, it’s not just food
on the plate, it’s the story of struggle, of the triumph of tradition, of family and love.” — Teresa

Plate of Origin

Team Venezuela – Kiki, 37, and Aly, 38

“We are international students who migrated to Australia. It is time Australians experience a new set of big Latin flavours!” — Kiki

Plate of Origin

Team India – Ash, 41, and Simran, 39

“I have always been in love with creating food. I knew that Ash loved to cook and had talent. I felt it was time to take our skills onto a bigger stage than our kitchen.” — Simran

Plate of Origin

Team Lebanon – Jamal, 48, and Rachida, 30

“We are chalk and cheese and don’t agree on anything, but we make it work.” — Rachida

Plate of Origin

Team Vietnam – Thanh, 32, and Duncan, 29

“Vietnamese food makes people feel fresh, light but fulfilled. It is the best in the world because it marries so well with fresh produce to amplify the produce itself and create incredible flavours.” — Duncan

Plate of Origin

Judging Panel – Matt Preston, Manu Feildel and Gary Mehigan

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