Sorry, Not Sorry! These Are the Phrases People Want Us To Leave In The 2010s

Happy new year! It’s a whole new decade, a chance for new possibilities, new ideas, fresh vibes, and according to Twitter, it should also mean a new lexicon of slang.

A tweet by Joe Berkowitz went viral in the days leading up to the new year, after he asked: “What is the worst slang that became universally accepted in the 2010s?”

We’ll be the first to admit, we’ve used most of these over the past decade, and some of the suggestions for slang to be left behind? Well, let’s just say that you’ll have to pry the needless shortening of the word perfect to “perf” from our cold, dead hands. We’re busy and want to sound casual! We don’t always have time for full words, let us have this!


Joe went on to note that the responses were somewhat different from what he’d been expecting. Apparently, many people said that they were well and truly ready to leave the term “adulting” behind, while there were less nominations of the phrase “we have no choice but to stan” than he anticipated.

Later, he added that the “biggest takeaway from [the] thread is that a lot of people don’t know what slang is or when the 2010s were”.

Another Twitter user, Adam, pointed out that many of the responses were words and phrases originated by black people, which were then “appropriated and run into the ground by non-black folks” before they would “complain because they played it out”.

“You’ll find no argument here,” Joe agreed, noting: “Really wasn’t what I was going for with this thread but it’s certainly what I’m seeing.

Here’s what people wanted to cancel:




Clapping hands emphasis

“… is everything”

“All the things”


“I did a thing”


“Doggo”, “heckin” and “fur baby”


Saying something or someone “won the internet”


Being “today years old”

“… said no one ever”

“… And I’m living for it”


“I don’t know who needs to hear this” and ” Say it for the people in the back”


Anyway, basically? This post gave us… all the feels. Sorry, not sorry!