‘Scuse Us But We Need These Earrings That Hold AirPods in Place


We love our Apple AirPods, but not a day goes by without the worry we’ll lose one down a drain or through the gap between the train doors and the platform (a shudder at the thought).

The fear is so real, that at times we’ve considered going back to good old vintage wire headphones, much like style icon Bella Hadid, who still defies the technology trend.

Lucky for those of us who’ve handed over a small fortune for a pair of AirPods already, one jewellery designer has fashioned a foolproof insurance plan for keeping the tech in place.

Suhani Parekh is the founder and creative director of UK jewellery label MISHO, which she says creates “modern architecture for the body”.

The creative, who studied fine art and art history in London, devised a range of gold earrings designed to hug Apple AirPods to your earlobes in a practical fashion statement.

After noting that her own AirPods kept falling out and getting lost, Parekh fashioned three separate designs: the Pebble Pods, Minimal/Active Tall Pods and Minimal/Active Tiny Pods.

The Pebble Pods are the largest of the three and are perhaps the most ‘out there’. “These little sculptural beauties not only look on point, they act like little supports, they hold your AirPods in place, catch them if they slip out and look super with or without the AirPods on,” says Parekh.

“Designed so you can effortlessly slip your AirPods in and out of these earrings through the day, you’ll never want to wear your AirPods without them.”

The Minimal/Active Tiny Pods and Minimal/Active Tall Pods are a more understated design, that clips onto the AirPods’ antenna via a half-circle — almost like a LEGO hand.

airpod earrings misho
Image: Misho Designs

Misho Designs’ pod earrings start from $67 USD and climb to $121 USD. Each of her AirPod hugging designs is currently out of stock, however all products are available for pre-order.

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