Australian Idol Duo Osher Günsberg and James Mathison Are Reuniting After 13 Years

Osher Gunsberg

Australian Idol may be returning to our screens in 2021 however it seems unlikely that former hosts Osher Günsberg, 47, and James Mathison, 43, will be at the helm.

While a reunion on the hit series would be amazing, the pair have found another way to satiate our thirst for them to be together again, this time for a podcast.

Billed as “the show generations have been waiting for”, Mathison and Günsberg will host Idle Australians, a series that will aim to make sense of the news of the week.

In the insightful new series, the two revered voices of Aussie culture will come together again for the first time in over 13 years.

Since their Idol days, both presenters have followed different paths, with Günsberg solidifying his reputation as the country’s most beloved TV and podcast host including hosting The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise, as well as the Better Than Yesterday podcast and The Osher Günsberg Podcast.

Mathison went a completely different way entering the world of politics, telling Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa in 2019 that he was working on the national legislation of psychedelics.

“I’m involved in this group I’ve started up called Legalise Nature Australia, trying to get a bit of advocacy and research around plant-based psychedelic medicine,” he said at the time.

In 2020, the duo who hosted Australian Idol for six years together joined forces for an episode of Network Ten’s Drunk History.

The pair remained friends, even after Mathison quit the series in 2008 (and was replaced by Ricki-Lee Coulter), with Günsberg saying in an interview with TV Week that reuniting with his old friend for the comedy series was “the greatest”.

Acast has also announced four more new releases coming in April including an explainer podcast setting out to encourage more women to step into the stock market and a juicy interview series with our most famous (and infamous) reality TV stars.

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