“Put the Bong Down”: Osher Günsberg’s Advice for His Younger Self

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The Masked Singer Australia is back for 2023, and one of Australia’s most recognisable hosts — Osher Günsberg — continues to bring the energy. From celebrity unmaskings to dramatic rose ceremonies on The Bachelor Australiahe’s seen the highs and lows of the entertainment industry and lived to tell the tale.

Speaking with The Latch, Osher reflects upon his learnings, his career so far, and what’s coming up for him beyond The Masked Singer Australia. His is a story of change, trying new things and hard work. You may be surprised by what he’s picked up along the way.

What Osher Wishes He Knew In the Early Stages of His Career

If you’ve ever felt an inkling that Osher Günsberg resembles someone from the early days of Australian Idol — you’re correct. Back then, we knew him as Andrew G.


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Between the name change, new shows and decade’s worth of experience in the mainstream media industry, Osher has two pieces of advice that he would impart on his younger self.

The first?
The moment you put the bong down, your career trajectory will go nearly straight up,” he says.

Two — really honestly, you’re not like other people. You can’t drink like everybody else. The sooner you stop doing that, the better things are going to be for everybody,” he says with a laugh.

“Alcohol is not the right drug to treat what’s going on in your brain, there’s actual drugs that will do a much better job at that,” Osher continues. “Stop drinking, and start taking it seriously!”

But by Osher’s own admission, his younger self wouldn’t have listened to any of his advice.

Osher laughs as he imagines the response: “Go away, time traveller! You don’t even have my name, f**k off!’”

The Most Important Thing Osher Has Learned in His Career

Outside his hosting gig on The Masked Singer Australia 2023, it’s no secret that Osher Günsberg wears many hats. For over two decades, Osher has been a fixture of the Australian entertainment industry, doing everything from radio, to live television to podcasting. It’s safe to say that he’s learned plenty through his longstanding career.


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Over his career, Osher has found that the most important thing is to treat everyone equally, regardless of their position.

It kind of lends itself to the English translation of a Czech proverb — my father’s Czech — that my father told me early on. It’s, ‘Make friends with the steps on the ladder early on; you’ll need them on the way back down,'” he says. 

He often thinks about it on nights like the Logies.

“I’m sitting in a room next to my wife, and I’m there with every single person I’ve ever worked with in television, and every single person I’ll ever work for in television,” he explains. “The way you leave people feeling will say far more about the job that you did.”

Over the years, Osher has learned that it’s all about controlling what you can, and letting go of everything else.

“I can control my effort. I can’t control… promos,” The Masked Singer host explains. He poses a hypothetical.

“Let’s say you and I are making a TV show about, I don’t know, model trains,” Osher says. “That day, there’s a horrific train crash somewhere in the world. We have to cancel our premiere. You have no control over that, it’s been in the can for six months.

“What we can control is how we were on set that day,” he explains. “How we were to everybody else — Were we professional? Were we prepared? Did we do our job correctly? That’s the only thing I can control, and I think that would be it, is to be as good as I possibly can be at the thing I’m being asked to do, and then let go, because I can’t control any of it. All of those things are beyond my control.”

What’s Coming Next for Osher Günsberg?

Osher is always on the hunt for new avenues to challenge himself. His desire to bask in the “uncomfortable” has led to his next adventure — producing a live fake news show called the Night Time News Network National Nightly News.

After a successful residency at Sydney’s Factory Theatre and touring a number of comedy festivals across the Australia’s east coast, he’s taking it from stage to television studio.

The name might be a mouthful, but the premise seems simple enough.

“It’s a fake TV show, and now we’re making a fake TV show into a real TV show, but it’s still a fake TV show, but it’s on TV,” he says.


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On Competing on a Reality Television Show

From The Masked Singer to The Bachelor Australia, we’ve seen Osher’s hosting capabilities, but would Osher ever compete on a show? It would be a rare sight, indeed!

“Oh, the only thing I’d ever compete on would be to be a contestant on Survivor. I’d love to do that,” he raves. “It’s the greatest game that humans have ever created, I think it’s absolutely brilliant.”

With his charisma and great hair, we can’t deny that he would probably stage a historic tribal council — complete with a scandalous blindsides, of course!

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