Origin Energy Customers Can Save $320 On Their NBN Plan — Here’s How

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With energy bills set to rise in Australia, many of us are looking for ways to cut back our monthly expenses, which drew our attention to this attractive proposition from Origin Energy: bundle your internet with your energy plan to save up to $320 over the course of a year.

Signing up for the bundle automatically gets you a $10 monthly discount on Origin’s NBN plans, which adds up to $120 saved by the end of the year. On top of that, you’ll get a $200 credit on your Origin electricity, natural gas or bulk hot water account.  At times like this, we love that this bundle helps you save on your internet and energy bills — and Origin’s NBN deals are already good value to begin with.

The deal is available with any of their NBN plans, from the budget $64 NBN 25 option to the ultra fast $144 NBN 1000 plan, which averages at 600mbps download speeds. All of Origin’s NBN plans have unlimited data and no lock-in contracts, so your choice really comes down to how many people will be connected and what speeds you’re after. The Experience NBN 50 plan is ideal for households with multiple people who play games, download movies and stream in HD, but if you have a 4K TV you might want to consider the Enthusiast NBN 100 plan, which is best for 4K videos or games.

Compare Origin Broadband’s Best NBN Plans

The bundle is available for new and existing customers. If you already have an electricity, natural gas or bulk hot water account with Origin, you can simply add one of these internet plans to get the discount. You’ll need to be quick, though: the offer ends on June 6. After that, the NBN plans will go back to full price. If you miss out and still want to save money on your internet, check out our roundup of the best NBN plans under $60.

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