What Are Unlimited Mobile Data Plans and Are They Worth Your Money?

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Let’s get this out of the way first: unlimited mobile data plans are probably not what you think they are. For many, the name conjures ideas of downloading massive amounts of data, as in +300GB a month. In reality, a lot of the best phone plans offer unlimited data with a catch.

Below, we answer the biggest questions about unlimited data phone plans and recommend some of the best options in Australia.

Are Unlimited Mobile Data Plans Actually Unlimited?

Okay, so, yes, but with a catch. You’ll never run out of data on these plans, but once you hit a certain point you’ll have a speed cap put on your usage. You’ll still be able to use the internet on your phone after this point, but at reduced speeds, which some people might consider the same as not being able to use it at all.

Most unlimited mobile data plans cap your speed at 1.5Mbps. You’ll definitely notice a difference, but you should still be able to stream standard definition videos, listen to music and browse the web.

The upside is that these plans have a large amount of full-speed data, so it’ll take you a while to hit the cap.

The exception is felix mobile, which offers just one plan that has unlimited downloads at a constant 20Mbps. This is still slower than most plans are at their fastest, but also a lot faster than any capped speed plan, so it’ll work well for people who use their phone a lot but not for anything super intensive.

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Are Unlimited Data Phone Plans Expensive?

Because of the misnomer, people often assume unlimited mobile data plans are more expensive than regular plans. And while unlimited data plans can end up costing more in the long run if they have

It’s more likely that you’ll end up paying for more than you actually use. Before you switch to an unlimited data phone plan, it’s important to check how much data you consistently use. You might find you don’t even need an unlimited plan and can instead look for one under $30.

What are the Best Unlimited Mobile Data Plans In Australia?

All of that being said, let’s get to the best unlimited data phone plans in Australia.

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