28 of the Cheapest Phone Plans Under $10, $20 and $30 per Month

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Some things are worth paying good money for. Quality mattresses, good shoes and anything that will help you keep your home tidy without you lifting a finger. Some things you should never spend lots on? A $19.99 blue tick and your phone plan. Luckily for you, the former is optional and the latter is unnecessary, because the cheapest phone plans in Australia are some of the best, cost next to nothing and still get you loads of data and calls.

Below, we’ve found the cheapest phone plans available for $10, $20 and $30 per month. We’ll explore the features and benefits of each plan, including talk time, data allowances, messaging and additional perks like international calling. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of the cheapest phone plans available for different budgets, helping you to choose a plan that suits your needs and saves you money.

One final note: everything in this list is a SIM-only plan, meaning you’ll have to BYO phone. If you’re after a new handset, the yellow iPhone 14 and Samsung Galaxy S23 are now available in Australia and are both great choices to buy outright.

Cheap Phone Plans Under $10

The cheapest mobile phone plans in Australia cost just $10 or under, and Moose Mobile’s 8.80 plan is the cheapest of the cheap at a very literal $8.80. You get 6GB of data a month, unlimited talk and text in Australia and don’t get locked into a contract. After 12 months the price increases to $14.80 per month. That’s still a great deal, or you can switch to another $10 phone plan at that point.

As for the most popular plan on this list according to users, that’s TPG’s 12GB mobile plan. It costs $10 per month and comes with unlimited national calls and text. Circles.Life is also a popular provider in this category. Their 5GB monthly plan actually includes 10GB for $10.

Cheap Phone Plans Under $20

Moose is once again a good bet for the best $20 phone plan. They actually have two options in this price range: the $11.80 per month plan, with 12GB and unlimited talk and text, and the $16.80 per month plan, with 25GB and also unlimited talk and text. Moose Mobile uses the Optus 4G network; if you want or need to be on Vodafone or Telstra, read on.

For Telstra users, the best plan under $20 is Tangerine’s 10GB plan. At $19.90 per month, it includes 10GB of data — but anything you don’t use is added to a databank that can accumulate up to 500GB. Vodafone users should look to TGP or iiNet, which both offer $15 plans.

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Cheap Phone Plans Under $30

These ones aren’t quite the cheapest mobile phone plans in Australia, but they’re close to it and include more bang for your buck. The most popular plan for $30 or under is the Optus Prepaid Epic Data $30 Recharge. One of the best cheap prepaid phone plans, it comes with 40GB and unlimited talk and text within Australia. If you don’t want to recharge a prepaid plan every 28 days, the alternative is Belong’s 20GB plan for $25 per month or Tangerine’s 32GB plan for $29.90 per month. They’re actually cheaper than the prepaid phone plans, but you’re sacrificing a smidge of data.

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