Sleigh Your Usual Festive Hangover With This Non-Alcoholic Beer Advent Calendar

Yes, I know Christmas is over two months away so it is a tad early to start thinking about gifts, but hey, I’m a planner. Plus, with the Australian postal service warning us of shipping delays caused by COVID outbreaks at shipping ports, border restrictions and an increase in mailing activity, this year, it’ll pay to plan ahead.

So, with that said, I thought it worth sharing about a fantastic gift that’s sure to delight either you or anyone else you know who wants to avoid any hangovers this festive season: The Brunswick Aces Advent Calendar.

Created by the team behind Brunswick Aces Bar, Australia’s first non-alcoholic bar in Melbourne, the calendar features 25 days of a curated collection of 28 beers, which range from lagers to citrus IPAs and sour gose.

Parc Beer
Image: Parc Beer

“The festive period is a huge challenge for those trying to moderate or avoid alcohol, so this advent calendar is not only designed to bring joy, but also showcase some of the beers available,” says Brunswick Aces’ Brand Director Stuart Henshall.

“Brunswick Aces’ purpose is to make everyone feel welcome and catered for, we want to inspire people to rethink their drinking choices during the festive period and into the new year.”

The box includes Australian brands Upflow, Parc and Sobah, as well as international favourites Big Drop, Vanderstreek and Bravus. The calendar has a beer for each day in December leading up to Christmas, and four cans on the big day. And if you like any cans in particular, the calendar has discounts so you can stock up on extras of it.

Only 500 copies of the calendar will be made and it’ll be available exclusively through the Brunswick Aces website for $99. You can get it on pre-sale now, to be shipped in November.

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