Nicole Kidman Donated a Chunk of Change Towards Fire Relief

Having a home in the Southern Highlands, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are no strangers to the horrors occurring in New South Wales as fires rage through the countryside. While their home has not been impacted, it still remains within the danger zone, making it an issue that truly hits close to home for the couple.

Sharing links to local fire services and a message to their fans via Instagram over the weekend, the duo encouraged others to donate and support bushfire relief. “Our family’s support, thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the fires all over Australia. We are donating $500,000 to the Rural Fire Services who are all doing and giving so much right now.” both captions read.

Elle reports that “Kidman has also been outspoken about the fires in Australia” beyond social media as well. “I’m so sorry. I’m so distracted right now with everything that’s happening in Australia,” she allegedly told reporters on the red carpet at an event ahead of the Golden Globes.

No matter how privileged you are, having your house in danger of such a disaster is truly terrifying — and many Australians are experiencing the same fears right now. With an influence like hers, we can only hope that others will follow the lead and donate to fire relief efforts. The unprecedented damage is undeniably terrifying, and any donation — big or small — helps to support those working to fight the fires and affected communities across the country.

If you can, please consider donating to one of the organisations below — your donation will directly benefit bushfire victims, communities and animals affected.

Donate to the NSW Rural Fire Service
Donate to the Victorian Bushfire Relief
Donate to the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund
Donate to the Salvation Army Disaster Appeal
Donate to St Vincent de Paul Society Bushfire Appeal
Donate to WIRES