Big Brother’s Nick Benton is Always Up For a Bit of Cheeky Banter

big brother nick

Big Brother’s Nick Benton — Nicholas, when he’s in trouble — describes himself as the most “laid-back guy in Australia”. He’s also a colourblind house painter — make it make sense — who says he just paints houses white so he never gets it wrong, and no one is the wiser.

See what we mean by cheeky?

“Loveable larrikin” is another phrase to describe him — just don’t let either of the two special women in his life know about the other one. That’s right, he’s juggling the love of two women while trying to keep everyone happy and no one upset — his wife Lara, and his pet Staffy Edwina and we’re not sure who he missed most whilst inside the house! (Maybe Edwina can hang out with Tilly’s chihuahua Tinkerbell, who was allowed in without Tilly being able to acknowledge her!)

One half of Big Brother’s newly developed bromance — yes, we’re looking at you Daniel, and the three night’s you spent together away from the rest of the housemates — these guys have taken their relationship out of the compound, with Daniel even attending Nick’s wedding. Cute!

Nick claims to have a competitive side and hates to lose, which could explain why he formed an alliance with one of the biggest players in the house early on.

His competitive streak also comes from the fact he used to play cricket for South Australia. where he was known for cheeky banter — whether on the field, or off. This sense of good humour is something the redhead is planning to use to his advantage; according to his bio “He’s always trying to make people laugh and look for the humour in every situation.”

As for his strategy? Nick’s going in for a great time, and nothing else (…apparently). If he manages to snag the 250K prize — provided he doesn’t spend it all on Edwina off the bat — he’s looking at getting a property right on the beach.

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