30 Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Create a More Fulfilled Life

New Year's resolutions

New Year’s resolutions can come in all shapes and sizes — some specific, like my friend’s ‘win a meat tray’ (yes, really) and ‘do 10 chin-ups’, or others that are more general, like ‘live life to the fullest’ or ‘care less about what people think’. Others even opt for their resolutions to be more of an overarching theme they’d like to be more conscious of or practice in everything they do, like ‘balance’, ‘perseverance’ or ‘awareness.

Whichever your resolution style however, the idea behind them is that the start of the new year is a chance to adopt a new, better way of living. And, while I personally think this shouldn’t be reserved only for this time of year — really, every morning of the year is a chance to start afresh in your habits — if you are wanting to take advantage of the calendar turning, I’ve come up with 30 ideas for New Year’s resolutions you can either embrace as-is, or take as inspiration to create your own.

#1 Make One New Friend a Month

Aiming for this will make you a more open person, generally.

#2 Cook More at Home

Healthy, homemade meals can reduce your risk of illnesses, give you more energy and improve your sleep.

#3 Take Up Volunteering

Consider Take 3 For The Sea, OzHarvest Australia or Orange Sky Laundry.

#4 Stop Gossiping

Gossip can alienate friends, ruin reputations and lead to mistrust.

#5 Give One Compliment a Day

Even if it’s journalling or saying out loud one about yourself.

#6 Read a Book a Month

Reading helps you gain knowledge, come up with new ideas and become generally more well-rounded.

#7 Stop Having FOMO

Explore JOMO, the joy of missing out. It’s the pleasure derived from living in a quiet way without feeling anxious about what others are doing.

#8 Cut Down on Household Food Waste

One of the most overlooked topics in the climate change debate is household food waste. Here are some ways you can reduce it.

#9 Put Down Your Phone More

Read about what one psychologist says about a full digital detox here.

#10 Take More Time Out for Yourself

In line with JOMO, worry less about what others are up to. You can read about some self-care rituals to try here.

#11 Spend More Time Outdoors

Countless studies have proven the many benefits spending time outdoors has on the mind and body.

#12 Buy Less Plastic

We’ve got 10 simple swaps you can make to reduce your plastic use in your everyday life here.

#13 Apply Face Sunscreen Daily

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, and 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with it by the age of 70.

#14 Drink Less Alcohol  

If you find it hard to forgo the habit of having a glass of red wine with dinner or an ice-cold beer on the weekend, consider stocking up on some of these non-alcoholic beverages instead.

#15 Take Up a (or Indulge More in an Existing) Hobby

Do something without an end goal in mind.

#16 Become More Aware of Your Thoughts

This YouTube video may offer some insight.

#17 Explore New Areas of Your Suburb

For ideas on what to do and see, visit Thrillist Australia.

#18 Try a New Restaurant a Month

Open yourself up to a new experience.

#19 Find a New Walk, Hike or Beach Every Month

Combine getting outside with trying something new for an experience that’ll leave you feeling thoroughly satisfied.

#20 Drink More Water

Being sure to always use a refillable bottle, and not a disposable one.

#21 Consider Therapy

Visit a GP to see if you qualify for a Mental Health Treatment Plan.

#22 Experiment With Cold Water Therapy

Improved mood, boosted energy levels and deeper sleep are just a few of the many proven benefits of cold water therapy. You can read about when three of our editors each tried cold water therapy for a month here.

#23 Clear Your Space

Try this Bunnings clean hack that could save you $2700.

#24 Be Less Hard on Yourself

Your inner critic is the voice inside your head constantly putting you down. You can read about the seven different types of inner critics and how to silence them all here.

#25 Distance Yourself from People You Don’t Feel Great Around

If you’re leaving interactions with certain people feeling emotionally drained, it might be time to take some time apart from them.

#26 Keep Up-to-Date With the News

Subscribe to newsletters or make a reliable news site your homepage. Also be sure to keep up with our Positive News column on The Latch.

#27 Make Your Bed Every Morning

Studies show doing so might even make you more productive throughout your day.

#28 Start (or Keep Using) a Journal

Some places to start are by writing what you’re feeling, what you’re grateful for or simply a free-flowing of your thoughts.

#29 Be Smart With Your Money

Read the 5 money lessons everyone should know here.

#30 Check-In With Friends More

Especially after the last two years we’ve had – you never know how much someone might appreciate even the gesture of you reaching out.

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