This New Heated Razor Is the Perfect Addition to Your Grooming Kit


A razor does what it says on the tin: removes hair. So how can this be improved upon?

Gilette took up that challenge and created a heated razor, which gives “the pleasure of a hot towel shave in every stroke.” Designed in Germany, the Heated Razor “activates and delivers instant warmth in less than one second at the push of a button and provides a noticeably more comfortable shave,” says the Gilette website.

The razor heats up through a stainless steel warming bar that distributes heat for a smoother shaving experience. Barbers have traditionally used hot towels on customers before shaving as it softens the hair and allows for a close shave.

This Heated Razor attempts to replicate this and according to reviews, it does a pretty damn good job. 80% of reviewers on the Shaver Shop website say they would recommend the product.

“Just purchased and used the Gillette Labs heated razor. Initially was sceptical due to the considerably higher price compared to conventional razors,” JLE7 wrote.

“The heating effect is very comfortable, particularly on cold mornings. Compared to my usual Gillette Skinguard Razor, I experienced a much closer and smoother shave, without any skin irritation or discomfort. Used with Gillette Pure Shaving Gel. The razor itself appears quite high-tech and futuristic. If price is not an obstacle, the Gillette Heated Razor is highly recommended.”

While you might be digging your iso beard, this razor could come in handy when ‘normal’ life resumes.

The Gilette Heated Razor will set you back $299 and can be purchased from the Shaver Shop.

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