The Lakers and Clippers Have Reportedly Voted to Boycott the Remainder of the NBA Season



Following the decision of the Milwaukee Bucks to boycott its playoff game with opposing team Orlando Magic, it seems that other teams in the league have followed suit, Clutch Points has reported.

NBA players and coaches held a meeting following this move from the Bucks and according to Shams Charania from The Athletic, the Lakers and the Clippers reportedly want to boycott the rest of the season.

“The Lakers and Clippers have voted to boycott the NBA season,” Charania tweeted. “Most other teams voted to continue. LeBron James has exited the meeting.

“Miami’s Udonis Haslem spoke and essentially told everyone in room that — without Lakers and Clippers, how will season continue? LeBron James walked out. Rest of Lakers and Clippers exited behind him.”

Charania indicated in his tweets that every other team wants to finish out the season except for the Lakers and Clippers. LeBron James also reportedly expressed his want for the owners to be more involved and take more action in this case.

“There was some frustration in meeting toward Bucks blindsiding on walk-out plan,” Charania tweeted. “Bucks’ George Hill admitted he first sparked conversation pregame to boycott contest, teammates supported.”

It remains unclear what will happen with the remainder of this season. According to PFT, there is reportedly a meeting of the NBA Board of Governors scheduled for 11 a.m. ET on Thursday.


On Sunday, August 23, a Black man by the name of Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back in Kenosha, Wisconsin. At the time of the shooting, Blake was attempting to enter his car where his three young sons were seated.

According to The Guardian, Blake survived the shooting and has since undergone surgery but the chances of him walking again are slim as his spinal cord was severed by the bullets.

In response to this, the NBA has postponed all playoff games after the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted their game against Orlando Magic in protest over racial injustice and the violent act that took place in their home state, The Sydney Morning Herald has reported.

“Myself and our players and our organisation are very disturbed by what’s happening in Kenosha,” Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer said.

“It’s a great challenge to have an appreciation and a desire for change and to want something different and better in Kenosha and Milwaukee and Wisconsin and then go out and play a game.”

The owners of the Milwaukee Bucks also came out in support of the team’s decision to not take to the court.

“We fully support our players and the decision they made,” the Bucks ownership group said in a press release. “Although we did not know beforehand, we would have wholeheartedly agreed with them.

“The only way to bring about change is to shine a light on the racial injustices that are happening in front of us. Our players have done that and we will continue to stand alongside them and demand accountability and change.”

Following the boycott by the Bucks, the rest of the day’s games were also postponed with the Houston Rockets, Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers also refusing to play, news.com.au reported.

It’s unclear how long the boycott will go on for but each of the teams is sending a strong message with their absence.

“Question is no longer if players are prepared to boycott one game — that’s happened. It’s how many they will. There have been discussions amongst several teams, notably Toronto, about going home,” Sports Illustrated’s senior writer Chris Mannix tweeted.

Many NBA players have been vocal in their commendation of racial injustice over the last few months. Many teams have chosen to wear social justice message on their jerseys, while the courts also have ‘Black Lives Matter’ painted down the sides.

“We tried the peaceful way, kneeling, we tried to protest, we tried to come out here and get together and play this game and tried to get our voice across, but it’s not working. So, obviously, something has to be done,” Marcus Smart from the Boston Celtics said.

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