The Nanny Cast Reunite for a Glorious Virtual Reading of Their Very First Episode

The Nanny

Just like Fran Fine herself, the original cast of The Nanny has reunited in the most fabulous way possible — on a Zoom call for a “pandemic table read” of the very first episode.

Joined by all of her former cast-mates, Fran Drescher led the reading, re-enacting the 1993 pilot in a 30-minute video posted to the official Sony Pictures YouTube channel.

The video included Drescher, Charles Shaughnessy (Mr Sheffield), Lauren Lane (C.C. Babcock), Daniel David (Niles), Nicholle Tom (Maggie), Benjamin Salisbury (Brighton), Madeline Zima (Grace), Renee Taylor (Sylvia Fine) and Rachel Chagall (Val) running their lines while co-creator Peter Marc Jacobson and composer Anne Hampton Callaway also appeared.

It’s a must-watch all the way through.

WATCH: The Nanny Episode 1: Pandemic Table Read #WithMe. Story continues…

In an Instagram post on April 1, Fran Drescher a.k.a Fran Fine announced the exciting news, with a very loud alert.

“NANNY FANS ALERT! It’s happening!!!!” she wrote.

Accompanying the caption was a picture of a Zoom call between the entire cast including her on-screen husband Mr Sheffield — who has seriously aged like a fine wine (pun intended), Charles Shaugnessy.

Actor James Marsden (Sonic the Hedgehog) — who has had resounding success over the past few decades — and had a very small role on the sitcom as Eddie on the hit show, was the only cast member not returning.

In a statement to Variety, Drescher said: “Laughter is the best medicine! So, in these challenging times, Petah [referring to the show’s co-creator and Drescher’s former husband, Peter Marc Jacobson] and I thought, wouldn’t it be great if we pulled together the original cast of The Nanny for a virtual read of the pilot?”

“It’s a once in a lifetime Pandemic Performance for our fans around the world who are currently stressing in isolation and could use a real upper! It sure has given each of us a lift and we hope it does for you as well.”

Back in January, it was announced that a Broadway musical based on the 1990s sitcom was officially being developed.

Series creators, Drescher and Jacobson, are writing the story, while the Emmy nominated (and exceptionally talented) star and creator of the CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Rachel Bloom, will write the lyrics.

And just last week, Drescher took to her personal Twitter account to tease some news — and while we were hopeful the show would get a full revival, there were also rumours that all six seasons were dropping on HBO Max when it finally launches.

Now, that the news has revealed itself, will you be tuning in?