This Dream Job Will Pay You to Drink Wine, and You Don’t Even Have to Be an Expert


Real talk: wine can be a passion without being a profession. 

Some of us don’t need to go to sommelier school to know a good wine when we taste one. And more often than not, not even self-professed wine snobs really know what they’re swirling and sniffing for — it’s merely a part they play at restaurants and in front of the waiters, usually to impress their date. 

But living in Australia, we’re basically born with wine knowledge in our veins. A good half of Australian country is wine country, and we’re well versed in our Margaret River Chardonnay, our Tasmanian Pinot Noir, our South Australian Shiraz and our Clare Valley Riesling. 

Now, we have an opportunity to put all of our years of drinking to use. Naked Wines has announced it is searching for an “everyday vino enthusiast” to join a panel of expert taste masters for their upcoming range review this July.

To support the search, the online wine retailer has partnered with Airtasker to post a task to the online marketplace and are offering a cool $1,000 for the right applicant.

Naked Wines is an awesome online wine retailer that offers exclusive wine at inside prices, with proceeds going back to the winemakers. It’s a crowd-funding online wine retailer and delivery service and we’re all about it.

Naked Wines isn’t searching for someone with a vocab of vino lingo or textbook knowledge. They’re on the hunt for someone who is simply enthusiastic about drinking wine… and we think we’ve found our calling.

Twice a year Naked Wines brings together a panel of taste masters to blind-test the current range against bottle-shop competitors, determine which wines are kept in stock and write up informative descriptions for shoppers. 

But let’s be real, malolactic gubbins and 50 shades of oak mean nothing to the average wine-loving Aussie, so, this time around, Naked Wines is determined to ensure it is speaking the language of the people. This is why the company is in search of a non-industry wine whisperer to join the panel, to bring the wine world back down to earth, with good, honest, everyday explainers, because what’s a tannin anyway?!

The tasting panel will take place over one full day at the Naked Wines Sydney office in late July. The successful applicant will benefit from Naked Wines tips and training on how to sip, swill and spit as well as a private wine tasting with one of their rockstar winemakers. 

So, if you are over 18, love wine, are prepared to try many different types (spittoon provided!) and feel you have the ability to cut through the waffle with simple descriptors pertinent to the average Aussie — it’s your time to wine. 

Apply via Airtasker now.

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