Prabha and Radha: The Identical Twins Fighting for the ‘My Kitchen Rules’ Grand Prize

Radha and Prabha won My Kitchen Rules.

Prabha and Radha: A pair of identical twins who have signed up for the My Kitchen Rules challenge. These NSW sisters believe that they have a telepathic bond that will link them for the whole of their lives,

Prabha, who was born two minutes before her sis, takes her job as the oldest rather seriously. She also works in cancer research.

Meanwhile, Radha often argues with her sister before realising that they both mean the same thing. Radha is currently studying to become a lawyer.

However, can Prabha and Radha win My Kitchen Rules? Here are the details we know.

Prabha and Radha vs. My Kitchen Rules

According to Prabha and Radha, they have some killer signature dishes. Prabha’s signature dish is a creamy chicken korma. Prabha’s signature dish is a potato and chickpea curry with puri and raita. Radha’s signature dish is a creamy chicken korma.

What’s more, Radha is confident that their twin powers will come in handy during the My Kitchen Rules cooks.

“Our team dynamic is very unique,” Radha said in a press release, “especially when we can read each other’s thoughts.”

Yet, while these twins are great cooks, they are still concerned about their competitors. They believe that everyone could take home the overall win.

What Would Prabha and Radha Do If They Won?

If Prabha and Radha won My Kitchen Rules, they use the $100,000 worth of prize money to open a cafe.

However, Prabha and Radha didn’t join My Kitchen Rules just to make bank. Prabha wanted to have culinary experiences all over Australia, while Radha wanted a foodie’s adventure.

My Kitchen Rules premiers at 7.30pm on Monday, September 4. It will be airing on both Channel 7 and the 7plus app.

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