What Has Brought Nigella Lawson Back to ‘My Kitchen Rules’ This Year?

It’s happening. Nigella Lawson is back for her second year as a judge on My Kitchen Rules. Nigella has been in the industry since the 1990s, when she burst onto the scene as a homecook icon and domestic goddess. Over the years, she’s appeared on countless cooking shows and written plenty of cookbooks, like Nigellissima, How to Be a Domestic Goddess, and At My Table: A Celebration of Home Cooking.

But what has brought Nigella back to My Kitchen Rules this year? What is it about the Aussie cooking competition that she loves so much? Here’s everything we know about Nigella Lawson on My Kitchen Rules 2023.

Nigella and My Kitchen Rules

According to Nigella Lawson, she returned to My Kitchen Rules because her first year was such a delight. There are a lot of things about judging this series that she really enjoys.

“I love the way MKR showcases home cooks in all their variety,” Nigella said in a press release. “There’s not one way to cook, one way of looking at food, and I really feel that this show allows cooks to be who they are, while at the same time giving them opportunities to learn and broaden their scope.”

What’s more, Nigella is a UK cook, so really vibes with getting to eat Australian ingredients.

As Nigella explained, “I can’t get enough of native Australian greens: When I’m here, I eat as much saltbush, karkalla leaves, and warrigal greens as I can. Kylie Kwong introduced me to them at her Sydney restaurant.” 

“You are so lucky in Australia with your natural bounty and wonderful produce.”

Nigella Judging With Manu Feildel

In this season of My Kitchen Rules, Nigella Lawson isn’t the only judge. She’s working alongside Manu Feildel and Colin Fassnidge. When discussing her experience, she stated that they can sometimes get boisterous.

“It was a lot of fun,” Nigella said. “They are a bit of a handful, but I expected that. But for all that it was fun, and it was also deeply serious, as we had very difficult choices to make.”

My Kitchen Rules airs Mondays through Wednesdays. It will be on both Channel 7 and the 7plus app.

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