Why Manu Feildel Has Been Hosting ‘My Kitchen Rules’ For Over 10 Years

It’s time for your grandmother’s lust for men to be reawakened, as Manu Feildel is back for another season of My Kitchen Rules

Manu is a celebrity chef who has worked for several iconic restaurants, including the likes of Bilson and Les Associes. However, Manu really hit the mainstream in 2010, when he started co-hosting My Kitchen Rules. Since then, Manu hasn’t missed a season, becoming an integral part of this series. 

So, what keeps Manu coming back? Is it the exorbitant amount of money he makes? Or is there something special about this cooking competition?

Here’s everything we know about Manu’s My Kitchen Rules return.

Manu and My Kitchen Rules

According to Manu Feildel, there are plenty of reasons that keep him coming back to the My Kitchen Rules gauntlet. He loves his colleagues, travelling, and having great food.

“It’s always a pleasure working on MKR,” Manu said in a press statement. “Even better this year, as I got to work with one of my best mates: Colin Fassnidge. We had a lot of fun filming this season.” 

“I love travelling around this beautiful country and discovering home cooks every year.”

What’s more, Manu reckons that this season is going to be filled with some intense cook-offs. He believes that the competition hasn’t dipped.

As Manu explained, “It’s the whole other stuff that contestants are not prepared for. They come into the competition thinking they are going on a holiday, but as soon as the competition starts, they realise how difficult it is.”

Manu Judging With Nigella Lawson

In this season of My Kitchen Rules, Nigella Lawson is back as a judge. According to Manu Feildel, this is such a win.

“With Nigella, what you see is what you get,” Manu said. “It’s lovely because sometimes you get disappointed when you meet someone for the first time and they turn out to be different than you think they would be, but Nigella is exactly what I thought she was.” 

“She’s a lovely woman.”

My Kitchen Rules airs Mondays through Wednesdays. It will be on both Channel 7 and the 7plus app.

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