Coco and Pearls: Just Two Pals Putting ‘My Kitchen Rules’ to the Test

Coco and Pearls: A pair of friends that My Kitchen Rules is describing as “alpha-women.” However, My Kitchen Rules isn’t calling them this with zero context. These chums are starring in the latest season of this cooking drama. 

Coco is a pop singer who’s originally from New Zealand. Meanwhile, Pearls is a foodie who was born in the Czech Republic. Both of these cooks now live in NSW.

In their friendship circle, Coco and Pearls have a rep for sending food back, complaining to waitstaff, and writing reviews online. We won’t dare to comment on what this might say about their characters.

The question is: do Coco and Pearls have what it takes to home the My Kitchen Rules victory? Here are the details we know.

Coco and Pearls vs. My Kitchen Rules

Coco and Pearls have an interesting cooking philosophy, to say the least. They put passion above almost anything else. 

“You never leave hungry when I cook,” Pearls said in a press release. “I hate following recipes, they confuse you.”

What’s more, Coco and Pearls have some delicious signature meals up their sleeves. Coco’s signature dish is parmesan crusted lamb cutlets. Pearls’ signature dish is BBQ pork ribs with whiskey parsnip puree and gnocchi.

However, just because Coco and Pearls know how to cook, that doesn’t mean they guaranteed victory. Both of these cooks are worried about their fellow contestants.

Like one of their fellow competitors, Tommy, Coco is concerned that Nick and Christian are the ones to beat. Pearls, on the other hand, gave a more cryptic answer.

When asked, ‘who do you think is your competition’, Pearls said, “Everyone and sometimes ourselves, our weaknesses.”

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