The Cast of ‘My Kitchen Rules’ 2023 Is Set to Be Spicy as Heck

My Kitchen Rules is a chaos gremlin, and we love that for them. The cooking and the interpersonal drama are inseparable aspects of this series. If you remove one from the other, the creature dies. It’s therefore imperative that My Kitchen Rules has the spiciest of casts.

Now, My Kitchen Rules is about to drop its 2023 season. What’s more, they have also announced four new teams.

However, will these folks fight with each other enough? Will there be inter-team squabbles? We can only hope so.

Here’s everything we know about My Kitchen Rules’ 2023 cast. 

Coco and Pearls

Coco and Pearls are NSW friends who are just about ready to do anything to win this competition. They’ll grimace at the food in front of them and step into the other team’s kitchens. The only option off-limits is poison. 

“We are prepared to do whatever it takes in order to get ahead,” said the duo.

What a wild way to kick things off, aye.

Tommy and Rach 

Tommy and Rach are Melbourne housemates who often get mistaken as a couple. This is because they are very affectionate with each other. However, this pair might have slightly different perspectives on their relationship. 

According to Tommy, “Our relationship is almost as if we are dating. It’s a little bit complicated.”

Meanwhile, Rach said, “We are not in a relationship romantically.”

But will this nuanced friendship make Tommy and Rach a great team? Or will they go up in flames? Only Channel 7 knows the truth. 

Sonia and Marcus

Sonia and Marcus are a mother-and-son duo from Adelaide. By their own accounts, they love each other deeply, but also fight like cats and dogs. This is because Sonia is a perfectionist, while Marcus plays things loose. 

Sonia said if the judges Manu Feildel and Colin Fassnidge knew how she worked, “they would think they were at the circus.”

When it comes to creating drama, Sonia and Marcus are set to deliver. 

Radha and Prabha

Radha and Prabha are identical twins from Sydney. This pair is known for being in sync and cooking incredible feeds. Both Radha and Prabha like to cook because it’s something their late father enjoyed.

“We lost our dad when we were two,” said the twins. “Every time we cook a dish, it reminds us of him.”

We wouldn’t be surprised if Radha and Prabha stole our hearts and filled them full of inspo.

My Kitchen Rules and its new cast are coming to Channel 7 and 7 Plus on Monday, September 4, at 7.30pm.

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