World-first Mushroom Meatery Opens in Sydney

mushroom meatery sydney

Mushrooms and meat were born to live side by side. The umami flavours of mushrooms are similar to what you would find in steak, which is why mushrooms also make for a great meat substitute.

According to research from Australian Mushrooms, more than half of Aussies (59%) have improved their diet and eating habits over the last 12 months—with 63% admitting to preparing more meals at home, eating less processed foods (49%) and increasing their intake of fresh and healthy foods (49%).

With mushrooms on the rise, Australian Mushrooms has partnered with celebrity chef Adam Liaw and Coogee-based butchery Kingsmore Meats to create the first-ever Mushroom Meatery—a delicious deli selling all things meat and mushrooms. 

The Mushroom Meatery will be serving up a series of limited-edition dishes that feature the Mighty Mushie and fresh cuts of meat.

“Australia is home to some of the best fresh produce globally, and we’re fortunate enough to live in a country where it is easily accessible from our local grocer or butcher. It’s fantastic to see Aussies embracing these world-class ingredients and celebrating them in home-cooked meals,” said Adam Liaw.

With one in 10 Aussies saying they visit their butcher for expert advice on cooking fresh produce, Joel Houghton of Kingsmore Meats has been managing customer recipe requests, inspirations, and requests for prep help for many years. 

“The pandemic meant people had more time to cook and experiment with their cooking. Every day, we had numerous customers coming in asking for expert advice on cooking their fresh produce and recipe ideas to make at home.”

Alongside the one-off menu items such as Chicken and Mushroom Nuggets and Mushroom and Brisket Ragu, The Mushroom Meatery will be home to a ‘Mushroom Pick and Mix’ complete with Buttons, Cups, Flats, Portobello and Swiss Brown mushroom varieties. 

The Mushroom Meatery at Kingsmore Meats, Coogee, will be open from Friday 13 to 22 May. 

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