We’re All About Multiple Lobe Piercings Now

I have a huge fear of needles, so the fact that I have three holes in my ears to accessorise with earrings is already a huge accomplishment. 

And while I’m happy with the way my ear-piercing aesthetic looks now, I do sometimes wish that I was a little braver; That I was bold enough to get a few more piercings and go full-in on the super-accessorised trend that is everywhere at the moment. 

While I know it will take me months of deliberation to even book an appointment with a piercer, I sometimes still find myself scrolling through dozens of pictures of the coolest curated ears for inspiration. Though I might never actually get another piercing, I can’t help but be impressed by other people’s creativity— envying their cool- looking ears that are maxed out with jewellery.

Lately — in my late-night Instagram spirals of looking at other people’s earring situation — I’ve started noticing a new trend: Multiple lobe piercings. 

I know it sounds like nothing new, but hear me out.  Unlike the typical line of earrings which follow the side of your ear, this new look is putting holes in new locations, making the whole ear look less linear. Different from the classic “double piercing” that everyone started getting when you were in high school, this new trend is mixing things up, placing earrings above or below the classic lobe piercing.

I found myself asking why more people don’t already have these kinds of piercings, so I decided to do a little research on the style. What I found only convinced me further to try it out myself. Keep scrolling to see why. 

All About Multiple Lobe Piercings

  • They Hurt Less Than Other Piercings: Because this piercing is in an area with less cartilage, it is less painful to get. 
  • Lobe Piercings Heal Faster: As opposed to a piercing on the cartilage which can take eight to twelve months to heal fully, lobe piercings take a mere four to eight weeks. 
  • You Can Get Multiple Done at Once: “Since lobes heal quicker than cartilage we can do more piercings in a lobe without extending the healing time of any one piercing,” expert Maria Tash told Glamour. 
  • You Can Customise Your Jewellery More: One stylistic benefit of having more lobe piercings is that you can more easily mix-and-match styles to create a unique look. If you have a second lobe piercing, you might recall how much cooler certain earrings looked once paired with your new studs. The same goes for lobe piercings in new places, having a little extra touch will transform your look entirely. 
  • It’s Still Unique: This trend is relatively new, so it will look more unique than other, more trendy piercings. Because people are used to seeing earrings in a shape that walks along the side of the ear, a cleverly-placed lobe piercing will catch people’s eye as something new and different.