The Mulled Wine Recipe We’re Drinking All Winter — Plus Your Chance to Win Two Cases of Wine

In the winter months, and especially during stay-at-home orders, all we really want to do is curl up under a pile of blankets, with a good book and a glass of red. Full-bodied reds like Shiraz and Malbec do well to keep us warm on especially chilly nights, but they can warm us up even more when they’re served hot…

Mulled wine, or Gluhwein, is a delicious beverage made from red wine, spices, and sometimes fruit. It’s served warm, but its low heat temperature means it’s still alcoholic, and it’s, quite frankly, the warming winter tipple we need right now.

Making mulled wine is really simple, requiring the mixologist (that’s you!) to muddle and simmer the wine, spices, fruit and sweetener over a stove before ladling it out in hot little mugs for your guests. But making the brew is even easier now that you can get a free mulled wine kit — and a bonus jam jar — from retailers all over Australia with a purchase of Jam Shed Wines‘ Shiraz, $13.

Find it now at Liquorland, First Choice and independent retailers nationally, and spice up your winter nights starting… now!

Jam Sheds Mulled Wine Recipe


• 1 x Jam Shed Shiraz 750mL
• 1 x Jam Shed Mulled Wine Mix Bundle
• ¼ cup of brown sugar (optional)
• Garnish: Orange, berries or stone fruit, orange liquor (optional)


1. In a saucepan, combine 1 bottle of Jam Shed Shiraz, with 10g Mulled Wine Mix Bundle, plus ¼ cup of brown sugar (sugar optional).

2. Slowly bring to a gentle simmer, not boiling. Turn off heat, cover and steep for 15
minutes or longer, depending on desired strength.

3. If preferred, add slices of oranges, berries or stone fruit, or enhance with orange liquor.

Jam Shed Wines

In celebration of the new Mulled Wine kits, The Latch and Jam Shed Wines have teamed up to give away a winter holiday of your own design.

You’ll score a $700 Luxury Escapes gift card, a $300 RedBalloon voucher, two cases of Jam Shed Wine, and two delicious Jam Shed Mulled Wine and Smores Kits. Enter below, and good luck!

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