The (Not So) Hidden Side Effect of Movember — Pash Rash

Ah, good old Movember, where the nation’s upper lips are taken over, slowly turning the growers into 70s style porn stars all in the name of a great cause men’s health no, not more porn stars no matter what they tell you.

But what about the long-suffering partners, who each year dread the beginning of November. It’s almost like we need our own support group to get through the stubble stage as the fundraising push slowly grows out into something a little silkier and that’s only if you’re lucky to be blessed with a quick growing mo bro. 

This year our prayers have been answered. Movember Rain is here to soothe the dry, itchy areas that are under siege to the unwelcome exfoliation we don’t really need to be adding to our daily skin care routine.

Swipe on some of the soothing balm and save your relationship so your mo grower can continue on with their fundraising mates. If you can sympathise with the angry upper lips in the new Movember video grab yourself a few jars. Men’s physical and mental health issues aren’t going anywhere any time soon Movember is here to stay.