Takeaway Fish and Chips Is Apparently the Most Popular Dinner In Iso

Fish and Chips

New data from food delivery service Deliveroo has shed some light on our food choices while in isolation.

Deliveroo has identified fish and chips as the most popular dinner ordered in iso, with a 597% increase in orders of the dish in the last month, as reported by news.com.au.

The most popular meal ordered via Deliveroo has previously been burgers, which is just as surprising as fish and chips as both of these dishes aren’t particularly travel-friendly. Especially compared to something like a stirfry, curry or pasta which wouldn’t go soft or soggy en-route.

For dessert, Aussies have been tucking into ice-cream, with orders rising by 139%.

According to Deliveroo’s head of consumer communications, Joe Satari, order times have also jumped forward by 43 minutes.

“Where average orders on a weekday would usually peak at approximately 7.06pm, this has now moved earlier, to 6.23pm, suggesting Aussies might be daydreaming about their dinners straight after they’ve eaten their lunch,” the brand’s head of consumer communications, Joe Satari, told news.com.au.

As everyone’s routines have shifted dramatically over the last few weeks, ordering takeaway food has been a highlight for many.

“We’ve kept a close eye on customer trends and how people’s tastebuds, and dining habits, have shifted during these unprecedented times,” Satari said.

“The importance of food, and sharing it with loved ones has become more important than ever before and we’re glad that Deliveroo is able to bring these little moments of joy into homes across Australia.”

Satari also revealed that Saturday’s were no longer the most popular day to order takeaway, with Friday’s becoming the firm fave.

“It seems that Friday night at home is becoming foodie night across the country and the weekend is starting earlier where food is concerned.”

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